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Gypsy Jazmine:
K...I had no idea this tree was hollow at the base until we got Rosie...She dug herself a den under it...Here are a couple pics of her wolf den & one of her crawling under it...I regret I couldn't get one of her lying under it, peeking out & taunting Samson & Pippin who can't fit under to get her...Now that's entertainment for everyone! :D :D

She needs a "No Boys" sign for her clubhouse.

Gypsy Jazmine:

--- Quote from: DixieSugarBear on April 05, 2006, 09:19:20 pm ---She needs a "No Boys" sign for her clubhouse.

--- End quote ---
That is fabulous Lisa!!!...I told my DH he has to make one tommorrow & nail it to the tree...If I could just get one pic of Rosie taunting Sam & Pipper Mcgee from her clubhouse with a sign like that I would die a happy snap happy mom!...lol!

Oh that's funny!  and clever!  I want to play tree house with Rosie!

That is great! I am wondering what the initiation is for becoming a member of Rosie's Clubhouse  ;D


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