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Rosie...The more I look the more I wonder...what the heck!..lol!

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Gypsy Jazmine:
2 pics of Rosie from tonight..We've had her since Dec 1 when we took her in as a foster for Kuvasz rescue & then decided to keep her...I have weighed her looks & personality in my mind so many times trying to decide what she really might be...I think she probably has some LGD in her but has little of the behaivor...She has a tremendous prey drive...Again, I ask you all...What do you see? :-\ :) ;D

Gypsy Jazmine:
shameless bump :D Why does it drive me crazy wondering what she might be??? :-\

Trust me, I know exactly how you feel! (Have you seen Turkey lately??? We are starting to think she is part dingo!!)

When I look at Rosie, I see... Kuvasz, Labrador, or Golden Retriever. She is stunning.  ;D

Rosie definetly looks like a Golden Retriever / Great Pyr mix to me.

She looks like a white LGD breed to me!  ;) LOL!  Have you taken a look through www.lgd.org to research the different breeds?  She could be a mix of any of the white breeds actually.  As big as she is, I don't think she's mixed with Lab or Retriever


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