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Rosie...The more I look the more I wonder...what the heck!..lol!

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Wow, I sat there looking at her pics...she's beautiful by the way!  I see a golden or lab head, the snout definitely looks golden, but usually when golden is mixed with a lighter colored breed the mixed babies almost always have golden fur.  This is confusing! I used to be so good at guessing mixed breeds when I worked at the vet clinic, but I think I may have lost the "special" guessing touch! lol

Gypsy Jazmine:
Thanks everyone!!...I personally think she has a whole lot of Lab in her...She is so energetic & agile & loves people unless she feels backed into a corner...She is a bit timid but the behaivoralist says this is because she has been mistreated...I know she looks big but she weighs less than 70 lbs...The last time I had he weighed she was like 64 or 65...I think she has the white LGD look too but someone has also mentioned she might look like she has some white GSD...& Turkey...Yes I've seen her...That's a hard call too...lol...Bu t I LOVE how she looks!...Very cute & unique! :) I do agree Rosie is a pretty girl!...It's not that I CARE what she is at all...not one bit...It's just that it is interesting to me what she might be...Does that make sense?...lol!

She's so pretty!  I definitley see Lab in that face.  I know what you mean about not caring, but being curious-we've decided that McDougal, who is supposed to be pure Papillon, must be a mix.  He is over 20 lbs and pretty tall (way too big for a Pap).  It's fun to look at every breed and wonder if your baby has a little in him (her in your case!) :)

Gypsy Jazmine:
Someone has mentioned to me more than once that she must have Anatolian Shepard in her so I went & looked at some pics...They do have the long legs don't they?...Here is a couple pics of white Anatolian Shepards...The first in the showring & the last a more informal shot...Rosie of coarse is inbetweent the two....I can see definite similarities in the body, ears & face...What do you guys think?...Forgot to add she has sigle dewclaws on the back legs.

That might be it!  Anatolian/Pyr mixes are not uncommon.  I didn't realize she was that small but still may be a LGD mix.

Pst, not for sure until I have her in hand BUT I might be getting an Anatolian female in about a week.  I hate to even type it for fear of jinxing myself.  I spoke too soon before - was supposed to get a pr of Pyrs but they went to someone else. 


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