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The snow is mostly gone!!!!!


FINALLY we are seeing 38 degree days, no snow, some serious wind on a few days, but mostly it is gorgeous and wonderful!  The neighbor rode one of his horses over the other day and the boys went for a ride, Aidan was quite quiet watching his boys near this big animal, which he has never seen before, then the next thing I know he is out of the kennel and right at the boys feet, well under the feet as they were in the saddle.  I almost had a heart attack, but he was very good, made sure everyone was ok and then went in the house.  I decided to go riding after they were done, I have an arabian/quarter but she lives in California where I am from with my parents.  It has been Ohhh ONLY 6 years since I was on a horse, years of experience did not change the TWO DAYS of agony I have been in!  Good Grief!  yesterday I was barely walking!  LOL!   Remind me to not take a 3 hour ride after 6 years off!  OUCH!!!!!!!

Its a total heat wave!  Like sunbathing weather!!!!!  LOL!!! ;D :D

Gypsy Jazmine:
great pics!...Both kids & dogs look happy & healthy!...aaaahhhh life is sweet! :)

It is so funny, it gets so damn cold here that it was not cold out the day we took the pictures.  Tee shirt weather. No wind.  Everyone around here except the old ones, usually are running around the same way.  When you are used to 40 - 60 below for a few months, 38-42 is like WOW!!!! 
I can tell the fur kids apart easily.  Aidan has a beefy head, Beauty is very refined, smaller than Aidan and Cali, Cali is a very large female, with a different coat, black eyes, and a refined nose.  Its like when you have twins!  Parents always usually know!  Anyway have to get out to the kennel, Beauty has been a total hormone since she got pregnant!


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