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Re: Backyard Breeders
« Reply #30 on: August 05, 2006, 04:23:12 pm »
I didn't ask hardly any questions when I got my girls except for when they'd been wormed and other medical things. I was pretty ignorant about both Saints and Malamutes. A good breeder probably wouldn't even have sold me either one at that point in time! But I'm still learning. I think we all are.  :)

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Re: Backyard Breeders
« Reply #31 on: August 05, 2006, 04:46:10 pm »
But I'm still learning. I think we all are.  :)
OMG yes!...I had really researched Pyrs & breeding & still messed up when I got Samson!...I wouldn't trade him for the world but he was poorly bred & it shows in his temperment...H e is a handful!...Then I learned some more & did right in getting Pippin & it shows in both his comformation & temperment...T hen I thought I was ready for a rescue LGD & got Rosie...I still had alot to learn & also learned you can't save them all no matter how hard you try & how much you love them & I learned...Now we have Sheba who we rescued but after Rosie we rescued with deifinite criteria that HAD to be met...I am still learning & I hope I always find something I didn't know before...That is what makes life awesome & exciting! :)

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Re: Backyard Breeders
« Reply #32 on: August 07, 2006, 07:10:07 am »

So question to the group... there is this breeder that sells her dogs when they are done breeding them.  They'd be about 5-6 years old.  Why would breeders do this?  Don't they love their dogs, they've had since they were 8 weeks??  I don't get it??
It is generally for the love of those dogs that they are rehomed --- a breeder that wants to continue breeding when they have older dogs will rehome them because at that point they are no longer able to breed, which means they will recieve alot less attention than the dogs that ARE able to breed. Breeding dogs typically recieve alot more training and socialisation than non-breeding dogs. Alot of breeders just don't have the kennel space. It is our selfishness --- not our love --- that makes us hold on to dogs. My Visa's breeder gave away Visa's mother last year to an agility home that is giving her much more attention than the breeder could with the amount of breeding dogs that she has. I look at that and think she's amazing for being able to do that. To put her own love for the dog aside and think about it's needs. It's something I could never do, and so I must always keep a small number of dogs because I'm going to keep them their entire lives.

Back on the topic of BYBs...
BYB is a loose term.
A Reputable breeder is one that does health testing, shows and/or works the dogs (mainly to show that they are involved with the dogs, not to "prove" anything), RESCUES, sells all puppies with registration papers and pedigrees, keeps their dogs in a healthy sanitary well-stimulated environment, and breeds for the better of the breed.

A byb, to me, is someone who doesn't do one or any of the above.