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Komondorok in Canada


Hi everyone, 

Was wondering if there is anyone else on here with Komondorok who live in Canada?  If so where are you located and do you show?  Looking to try to get some people together this summer with their dogs for points at some shows.  Will travel.  I am in the Toronto Ontario area. 

I am having a blast showing her but it is no fun when there is not competion.  We are headed down to Ohio in August to Canfield where there should be an entry of Koms there. 

Looking forward to meeting up with other owners for fun and good times with our dogs.

Shirley & Annie

I live in Alberta with my Komondor Yamon for the moment but he is just a pet and happy at that.


I love the breed I had a Puli and I know there used to be a couple Komondors in the beaches area. But you do not see many around the city. Can you contact the breed club they may be able to help you


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