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Einstein & Sarah at 4 months


Well, we've made it four months -- I've heard it can take this long to see the "REAL" temperament of an SRO.  I'm still crazy about him, and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's died and gone to doggie heaven.

What I love most about him is his independent nature (aloofness).  He's very attached to me, but if we're both sitting around the house, he doesn't annoy me with wanting constant attention and he would NEVER stand at his food bowl or at the back door, barking to be fed or let out.  Of course, if he sees me heading to the kitchen and he knows its dinner time, he's very excited.  And if he needs to go outside to do his business and sees me going toward the back door, he runs to let me know -- "NOW would be a good time to let me out!"  For the most part, he's like a bottomless bladder -- rarely is he anxious to go to the side yard (where he always poops).  The FRONT door is another matter.  I won't let him go through any door in front of me, and if we're going outside, he has to sit and stay before I open the door.  Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes he's very cooperative.   

When we go for a walk, I'm very careful to make him follow the same rules every time.  I don't allow stopping to sniff, I stopped letting people pet him (would take forever to walk 1 mile if I did) and when we come to an intersection -- he stops as soon as I stop.  And he always walks at my side or behind, I don't let him lead me.

Since we've been walking for a while, we've built up to 45 minute walks almost every evening (both of us are out of shape).  I think those walks have made us work as a team and even though he's still pretty stubborn about some things (like moving away from the door), it's incredible how easy it is to walk him past barking dogs, children, traffic and other things some dogs have a problem with.
The only thing that scares him is loud rumbling noises (like bad mufflers or huge air conditioners).

I guess it's true of any breed that thinks for themselves when they're out doing their jobs (guarding livestock) -- they're so smart they can either be amazing or overwhelming.  Einstein is definitely amazing.  He's the favorite dog in my neighborhood (and we have a LOT of dogs).

That's all for now, folks.


Sounds like things are going pretty well!

I really like Einstein - he's one of my favorite BPO dogs!

Congratulation s... you just got suckered into the ovcharka world LMAO


--- Quote from: BabsT on May 02, 2006, 11:27:28 pm ---Congratulations... you just got suckered into the ovcharka world LMAO

--- End quote ---

Well, if we could research the genealogy of our husbands the way we can research the breed of our chosen dogs. . . I might either be an old maid or a happily married woman.  As it is, I much prefer being an Ovcharka Maniac!   :D

Einstein is such a doll!  Glad to hear that you are both happy.  If you were closer, he'd definitely be in danger of kidnapping!


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