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Re: hello
« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2006, 12:09:04 pm »
why thank u all for ur kind words!!!!!!  what a warm welcoming committee :)

all of ur pups are adorable!!! ;)

the presa does have a bad name but most people have NO idea what they are, i ususally get pitty w/ mosamo(fawn), which i can see because of his size, he's only 71lbs & about 20" >:(  Grissum is about 25" & was 113 @ last vet visit 4wks ago ;D.  they are like night & day too.  mos has the temperment of a collie, i call him a hippie,LOL! he loves everyone inside & outside of my house, never barks @ strangers...NO THING!!!!  Grissum however, is everything a presa should be, he's still a pup but is maturing nicely.  he LOVES everyone outside but @ home & when need be he is a very serious dog. He has already proven that he will let no-one ever hurt his mommy.  they are suppose to be more tenacious than pits, they don't know that though ::)
My bordeaux is actually the one to be carefull of, she is VERY ALOOF & doesn't like men much ???
i manage a doggie daycare so they all are able to go to work w/ me...socializa tion!!!!  only grissum gets more time-outs because he can be dog aggressive(the breed) :'( w/ most males.   I LOVE htem all, they all sleep w/ me too it's great!!!!  only if i ever find the "special someone" i'm not to sure how well that's gonna go over w/ the babies..LOL!

i will post lots o' pics as i am very proud momma :-*