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This is not incompetence, this is not a mistake. This is the results of too much power in the wrong hands. This is what causes the license to kill in the hands of several individuals who feel pleasure in killing animals. This is a crime, and horrendous crime that happen when the power is out of control.

I don’t know these people but I saw them in television explaining all the details about the incident.

1-   The owner was contacted five days after the dog arrival to the Animal Control facility
2-   The owner has provided all the documents requested by the Animal Control
3-   The dog was killed knowing that the owners want the dog back

The worst thing is that this is not the first incident like that, not a while ago I want to rescue a rottweiler from the Miami-Dade County Animal Control facility just to avoid his execution with the hope that I can find a home for the animal or keep him all my life if necessary. A 120 or 130 pounds gorgeous male rottweiler but the dog was killed all most in my nose two days after I requested the adoption.

A $40,000 Male Rottweiler from a breeder was neutered without questions with the good justification about overpopulation . I have paid a very high price for my male and female rottweilers and I still don’t know where you can find them for free. There is not a free rottweiler in the world so I don’t understand the overpopulation concept? Even if this is a good reason, what about the human overpopulation in NY, LA, Chicago, Miami etc, what about China? I am sorry but I don’t bite that. What would you think about the China's government if they start neutering everyone because of the overpopulation?

What we can do for the ones that are victim of the powerful people with licensed to kill? Nothing, not even a letter to the major because he just don’t care and he allow all that in one way or another. However, we can do a lot to prevent that from happening by not taking any animal to any animal control facility. Keep him at home or find a home for the lost until his family can claim him. You will find his family or a home for the lost one with much more love than the animal control.

Remember this, if you take a pet to the Miami-Dade Animal Control. You must be aware that the animal is going to be neutered, spayed and killed.

The Miami-Dade County's Animal Control is out of control killing animals left and right. Today, I was impacted by the news in one of the local TV channels in Miami. A supervisor from the Miami-Dade County's Animal Control has killed a healthy dog with microchip and all the documents. They informed the owner five days after the dog’s arrival to the Miami-Dade County's Animal Control facility and when the owner went there, they asked for a few documents and every time the owner went there, they asked for a new paper etc. Then, after a few days, they set to the owner that the dog was killed.
The dog was killed and incinerated without the owner had a chance to have the body of his loyal friend so he can give the last good bye. One member of the family has been killed by an assassin with license to kill. I can imagine this poor animal waiting as a lost child in his last few days hoping to see his owner and go home again. The most loyal friend has been killed and the owner can’t do anything other than resignation because the killer has all the power in the world.

Who is assigning the license to kill to the Miami-Dade County's Animal Control? Please wake up, this is not euthanasia, this is not sleep. This is killing, assassination, cruelty. Our little friend is not going to wake up anymore because he is not sleeping, he is dead.

The Miami-Dade County's Animal Control has too much power and this is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, it is like an assassin with license to kill.

The cruelty at the Miami-Dade County's Animal Control is not new; this is not an isolated case. The problem has been there more than enough a while. The cruelty has been associated to this institution since its creation, the pleasure that workers of this facility show in killing animals called the attention of Mrs. Carmel Cafiero from WSVN on 12/02/2003 and she have published an article about the results of her investigation at:
Unfortunately, I was not able to find the link for the today’s article but I will keep searching for it.

I am asking you to write letters and send emails to the major of the Miami-Dade County, Honorable Carlos Alvarez, requesting to remove the director of the Miami-Dade County's Animal Control from his position unless he wants to be responsible for having a director with no control on all the cruelty under his jurisdiction.

This is the less that you can do for the best friend, our most loyal friend who is always defending our home from intruders. He has died defenseless and many more can die if we don’t protect them. We are the only family that a pet have, they depend from us to eat etc and when they are sick, they rely on us for the cure. They don’t have anyone else who can protect them and in many cases they risk their lives to save us from a danger. Writing a letter to the major condemning the behavior of the Miami-Dade County's Animal Control, is the less that you can do for the best friend that has been killed.

Wenseslaw  :'( >:(

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