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Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Two Champion Dane boys need a home!
« on: September 29, 2005, 12:01:19 am »
I myself would rescue any large breed dog and would love a dane.If they worked out in our home they would have a forever home with us.We have the room of course..320acr es of fenced land.Sure hope these ones find the home for them..

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Question for Saint owners
« on: September 28, 2005, 11:53:04 pm »
Saint are great.Used to breed then.Very gentle giants.Infact my now spayed female is being 'mom' to some rescued kittens.She snuggles them..but I will say she is the more agressive of my 2.My male thinks he is a lap dog at times..a big baby..hope this helps..

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