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I want to let everyone know that I probably used the wrong term (garage)--in fact, a car doesn't even fit in it--it's kind of an extremely big dog house--he's been sleeping there for years--always wants to go in. Like I said, we absolutely love our dog, there's always someone with him and I think he's just the biggest baby in the world !

But i do think you're right---he probably wants to sleep in the house with us--which i'll do--and I guess also he might be scared (before he would litteraly sleep under thunder when it would rain--but as he gets older, he seems to be more afraid and needs more "hugging" when it's raining or dark or thunder--you know, all those noises that makes 'em go under the table...) Anyway, I appreciate your comments---I'll be more attentive...

Hello to all,

Great site, happy I found it. My mountain pyrennes dog is 6 years old. Good, calm dog, never been on a leash and always stays at home. Every night, we bring him in to sleep (in the garage which is stuck to our house so he can still see us throught the window) around 9 or 10 pm. Three nights ago, I came home around 11:30 pm and realised that he had gone down the road to a neighbors house (people were still outside around a fire). He went to see the people and then went to sleep in their garage (the door was open). I presume he "waited for me" but when I didn'T come home when I was supposed to, he went ehere there were people. When I went to get him, he didn't want to follow me !. I literally had to drag him up the hill and when he sort of recognised our house, he ran the rest of the way. Then, last night, it was really raining with thunder and all, so we brought him in the garage, but he kept whining to go out--I found this strange but let him out and he immediatley ran back down the road to our neighbord where he had gone 3 nights ago ! I then had to take my car and go get him because I knew I would of had to drag him back up ! I dont know why he's doing this--we treat him better than a human--I hope it's just that the 3 nights ago, he got scared ? to be alone and went where there was people and felt comfortable so he wanted to go back ? I dont get it, we're his familly--he should feel safe when we're there and not whine so he can get out and leave ? Maybe they fed him ?? Is it possible that dogs have alzheimer ? Please help !

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