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When I was a kid, my Golden Retriever bit everyone in my family but me. We eventually gave him back to the breeder (who subsequently put him down) after he attacked my mom when she tried to take a stick from him. Nearly 100 stitches in her hand.

He had a tumor causing extreme aggression.

Boston bit me once. On the hand. I said ow, like 10 times. I even got a tear. That was mostly because he then stepped on my groin. I was playing tug and as he adjusted his grip, he caught my thumb/forefinger web.

He also bit me another time. I surprised him from behind while he was panting. He turned around with his mouth open (from panting) and his tooth scratched me. Then he stepped on my groin.

Point is, dogs don't work like us, and they've got big freakin' teeth that they don't always realize hurt us more than it does their canine counterparts. As someone else already posted, think back carefully to all the things going on when the biting happened. And if your husband didn't get his groin stepped on, tell him to stop his whining.

MY dog neutered ME.

Are you getting a work visa? Perhaps a license to kill?

The breeder SHOULD ask questions. It's the right thing to do. Three letters of reference and urine sample? Too far.

The DNA samples, however, are just frightening. Look out for frame ups.

Seriously though, our local Humane Society asks questions like that. If you have a back yard. If you give medicine and are willing to spend thousands of dollars. If you sneezed on your dog at age 3. If you ever wrote for a communist-friendly dog magazine.

I hear horror stories of the place (I'm a journalist) from people who wanted to adopt a cat. One lady told me her mom went to adopt one. She was turned down because she was old (and thus wrinkly, something for a cat to grab onto or something weird like that), and didn't make enough on her pension.

So the lady went to the next town over and wound up with two cats and a sizable donation to the SPCA.

A good standard from a journalist's perspective: if anyone asks you a question that may come up in court during the murder trial of your wife whom you insist was done in by the one armed man, don't answer it.

Advice to pass on to your husband: After talking with a few breeders and meeting a few, the experience of going through a rescue was a wonderful and in fact, we're rescuing another. Also, it doesn't cost $14,300,383 for a freakin' breed that doesn't exist (see 'doodleplex').

Mixed Breed Discussion / Re: Wolf Hybrids...Any Thoughts?
« on: August 19, 2008, 09:41:21 pm »
There seems to be a great number in our area (the Greater toronto area). At least, people say they have them.

The one or two I've met that I actually believed were part wolf:

1. In rural Ottawa, the darn thing scared me and my dog at the time to death. It howled, snarled, looked like it was always hunting. Granted, they didn't take great care of it. But the wolf never left its personality.

2. In suburban Toronto, the darn thing was cute, played well with others and avoids confrontation. It looks like a big siberian. It plays like one too. If you saw it from a distance or without any kind of perspective in place, you'd probably think it was a siberian.

I think it's a coin flip as to how a wolf hybrid turns out. As always stated, you can take the wolf out of the wild...

Kick him in the nuts, her in the dentures, take the kids and pets and run!

Or simply say if the dog goes, you go. Draw a line in the sand. Mothers in Law can be dangerous. But like all potentially lethal poisons, there's always an antidote.

Unfortunately, you may need 40 years and a government research budget of $30 billion to find it.

But if you tell him you're upset, and cry, I'm willing to be he'll cave. Always work on me.

By the way, I'm having a fundraiser...

I think we should meet him and decide. We're as ready as ever for a new addition to our family. But when we see him, and we see how he plays with Boston, we'll know.

Also, I think he looks like a German Shepherd cross of some kind... look at the ears, tail and posture. Maybe with a Schnauzer or something to get that fur.

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