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Hi fellow BPO'ers. Things have been fabulous with Miss Maggie, but recently she's injured her tail from the happy wag :) and its starting to bleed daily now. I am not familiar with how to wrap the end of a danes' tail..any help? I have tried, but my not-so-fabulous gauze wad ends up across the room as soon as I'm done :) What do you use prior to wrapping as disinfectant? I have neosporin and hydrogen peroxide handy..but that's about it.

Thanks in advance experts!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Welcome, Kelly! Maggie's New Mom!!!
« on: February 19, 2009, 02:31:11 am »
You know what I just realized?  All the picture I posted of Maggie show her in some silly outfit!  (hat, sweater)..she's not our little dress up doll, I promise :) Will (Fiance) says he's never seen a dog that minds less when you cover her up, put hats on her, etc. It was chrismas, what can I say  ;)  I posted one more pic too.

I think at this point the peeing is both a submissive behavior and when she is overanxious or upset.  We will try making pottying a more fun experience (special treats). Since the majority of the time we've had her has been ARTIC to her (she JOLTS back in the house!) it probably has never been fun :(  Come on spring!!

Hi Stella! The murmur was present, but they didn't find any enlargement of the heart or anything else detrimental at this point, so we were told to just monitor it at this point.  In the spring when we head to the vet I'll find out if that means annual ECGS, or biannual...?

Miss Maggie is a cuddle-bug and she thinks she's little and doesn't knock the wind out of you when she wants to be near you (or ON you)..its so cute. 

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Welcome, Kelly! Maggie's New Mom!!!
« on: February 18, 2009, 06:46:14 am »
Well we were without a camera for the longest time, so I apologize I didn't post any pics until now! Maggie is doing well, still some issues we haven't quite worked out. We had her spayed a few weeks after we brought her home and she recovered from that well.
She's still gets REALLY hyper when daddy (sometimes me now)comes home, still growls once in a while (although this has gotten loads better), and she seems to pee in the house a lot.  I can't tell if it's a nervous pee (I have seen her do that), but other times when she doesn't want to go outside (cold!), she'll pee just when you're trying to get her out the door!  Can dogs have an overactive bladder, or is this a behaviour problem?  Even with those few things, we love her to death and couldn't be happier.  Thanks for all the kind words!

Well thanks for all the great advice.  We are doing NILIF, even though we didn't know the name for it :)  We could probably do it in more situations than we are now, so we will work on that.
I believe the over-excited behaviour or guarding of Will can and will stop with your suggestions.  We've started already!
As for the growling, I am still struggling a bit to understand the right tactic to use. I am well aware that me backing away = Maggie wins, but what tools do I have at the precise moment she is growling?  I can certainly set her up with a bone/treats knowing that is a likely time growling will occur and I can correct that then (at a controlled time and place).  The unexpected growling is what is troubling me; the growling to get off the bed was new the other morning and she didn't have a leash on or anything, so what am I supposed to do when my voice alone doesn't work?  I don't have oven mits in the bedroom, he he :)  If I back away to get her leash to put it on to use as a tool, didn't she just win then?  Just the logistics of how to correct something that requires immediate attention, but requires other tools besides just my voice to get it done. 
Also, does the feeding from the hand work when she's never shown any growling towards her food or small treats?  Just nummy bones so far.

Thanks everyone! I feel much better that this is something we can control over time.

Well I can't thank everyone who responded to my 'newbie' post- it's nice to know there are people to help, and I'd love to call on you now!

I just adopted a 3 yr old female Harlequin great dane (Maggie) and we seem to be having a couple issues.  Firstly, though, she is a fabulous dog!! With my fiance (Will), I have never seen a dog so well behaved. We love her to pieces, but are struggling with some situations that seem new to the previous owners.

Maggie has an almost out of control attachment to Will.  She shakes visibly when waiting for him to come in the door, pees when she's too excited to see him, and shows no interest in anything else while he is home.  It was cute for a few days, but it has become a problem because she is becoming reluctant to obey me or other members of the family.  I have tried to be the sole person to feed her and give treats, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick.  Any other ideas?

The most important item I need help with is growling. This did not occur in her previous household, so it must either be her getting to know us, or something we as owners are doing or not doing.  The growling is mostly at me, but at Will's 12 year old daughter and anyone who gets near her while a bone is in her mouth or just when she feels like it  :(
She did growl at Will while she had a bone once, but he was able to say 'NO' in that manly voice and she stopped.  He repeately took it and gave it away with no problems after the inital growl, but my attempts are fruitless in all scenarios.  We are becoming uncomfortable with the 12 yr old in the house..and there are times when she will be alone with the dog and we are getting nervous.  She has never bitten or done more than just growl and stops as soon as you step away, but it just isn't acceptable to me.  I am trying to behave as 'masculine' and strong as possible to emulate my fiance, but my strong tone of voice and presence just doesn't seem to be working.  What else can I do?

She has been with us for about 10 days- not a long time, but she does seem completely at home!  She came from a home with 3 other great danes and we didn't see any signs of separation anxiety that we are aware of.  She knows her way around, seems very comfortable, so I think the problems might not just be adjusting.  Whatever the cause, I believe the growling needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

Thanks so much!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Welcome, Kelly! Maggie's New Mom!!!
« on: October 31, 2008, 06:10:54 am »
wow, what kind words :)   This is Kelly, new and happy owner of Miss Maggie Mae.  I finally logged on today to find a plethera of information and links..a little overwhelming at first, but I'm happy Stella told me about BPO.
Maggie is doing fabulous!  We couldn't be happier.  As soon as we get a working camera (both digitals have died in the past week!) I'll post some pics of her :)  She is very well behaved and adjusting better than we expected.  She seems so comfortable here even after just 6 days.  She's getting very playful, which is nice to see :) 
Again, thanks for the support!

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