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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Dog Friendly Restaurants!
« on: October 31, 2005, 03:47:16 am »
Okay, so Yesterday my sister, Summer and I went to Alexandria for lunch (next to Washington DC).  There is a restaurant there that not only allows dogs on their dining terrace but has a dog menu as well.  So the entree's are Hamburge, Chicken Stew and Lamb Stew (It think there was something else but I forget).  So I order Summer the Lamb Stew, and when they bring out our orders hers comes as well and Man did it look good!  Veggie's gravy and nice chuncks of Lamb!  They serve it in these disposable containers along with one for water.  Summer LOVED it!  There were quite a few other dogs there as well.  We ran into Summer's friend Arco who had the hamburger, which didn't look as good as the Stew (poor Arco).

Does anyone else know of dog friendly restaurants.

This place is called "Pat Troy's"  If you are ever in Alexandria it's a Must!

Did anyone else see this!!!

And no it's not in the Enquirer it's on CNN!

A friend just sent me this link! 

You can personalize your postage now!

I wonder if I can get Summer to make a mean face and have stamps for paying bills made that way?

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