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Big Dogs with Jobs / Anyone Trialing this Summer?
« on: March 29, 2007, 08:58:48 am »
Was wondering if anyone here was signed up to compete in anything anytime soon?

Cider's not a big dog.. But She's signed up for her first rally o, and first and second agility competitions, and I'm starting to freak a little bit lol.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / BMD needing home TO area
« on: July 09, 2006, 01:47:39 am »
Poor thing is being given away free..

I want another dog, especially a big paw...
Ads like this kill me..

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / 7 month old Ontario Saint needs home
« on: June 14, 2006, 12:08:53 pm »
Deleted link, no point.. It was the dog Lyn was trying to get.. Didn't realize.

Big Dogs with Jobs / DIY Agility Equipment Ideas? - Jumps
« on: May 28, 2006, 01:41:13 am »
So after a shipping fiasco on my agility tunnel.  I'd like to make jumps.  Which SHOULD be an easy process but it's getting to the point of not..  Online sites have varying methods showing 1" - 1 1/4" pvc tubing being used.. Home Depot sucks.  For being a warehouse of tools.. they are tools.. That carry every size but the two I'd like...

3/4" is too bendy, 1.5" is so large it's kinda funny to play with..

Jump example building pages:
The ever cute Riley and the Jump Ash bought:
Example of a better quality jump, they come in steel like this:

So if I'm having a heck of a time with PVC pipe, does anyone have creative suggestions or ideas that might be helpful?  Please..

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Are you a Petfinder Junkie?
« on: May 27, 2006, 10:24:57 pm »
Are you an addict?  Come on, admit it!!

I'm usually a good girl.. I gave up browsing since I figured out dane rescues here only post the 'reject danes' the one's they are so a*al on criteria they will never find a home, or are undesirable due to age, etc.  So browsing only 'worked' when I looked out of province, and that sort of kills the dream that you could maybe adopt them when they are 7 states over.

It's been made very clear that I may not have a big paw until I move out.. *rate I'm going I'll go harass Liz and then she can deal with me and my big paw*

But I sort of would like a second cocker.. I like pairs (bad reason) but I think it might calm Cider and give her a playmate.. and would be a similar amount of work.. and though my family said no in a way I can't type here for breaking the tos...

I'm readdicted to petfinder browsing.  Hi, my name's Laura.  I am an addict.  But, there are next to no cocker's here either.. wtf.  And I've been looking at 2-4 yr old males, and I'm a little shallow maybe.. I'd like a dog that is pretty..  The states have a ton, we have none.  Not that it REALLY matters since I've be told no no no.. but no makes browsing even more hard to resist..

Long story..
AT my Gram's a few weeks ago Cider wouldn't settle in bed after we'd been there 3 or so nights.  Kept shaking (she does this when scared and excited.. thought maybe noises were bugging her) Couldn't sleep she was shaking circling wouldn't settle.. She does this some nights.. but it's going on 630am, I'm gettign a headache from lack of sleep.. so I crate her (she's crate trained, sleeps there if I'm away from home or can't watch her).  Get up at 11am, and before I can see her I smell her..

Dear lord.. There is poop on the crate bars, on the dog on the bed..  I feel so so bad for her I carry her outside and she lets more liquid poop go, but perks right up after.  Major clean up, and a few more poop during the day and by evening she seems herself.  Next day solid poops no probs.

Tonight.. She seemed good, get ready for bed and it sounds like a circus in my bedroom.. so I bring her into the bathroom.  Sniffing her bum non stop, won't settle, pacing.  Bring her to bed she shakes.  Take her out she poops.  Bring her to bed she shakes, take her out she pees.  Bring her to bed she shakes, back out lil more pee.  Currently crated, but now I can't sleep.

I think when it's pooped out she will be okay, and I'll fast and go to rice and chicken, that's fine.  I think it's a tummy bug, we've been recently to the vet, she's vacc against almost everything under the sun, and it came on pretty suddenly..  If it doesn't obviously I'll go to the vet..

My long winded story brought up this Q..
When your dog is ill, what do you do?  Crate and hope for the best, sleep by the door in case they really gotta go, something else?

I'm not sure what to do exactly to be as helpful as possible and make her feel okay.  My Mom thinks part of the shaking is due to her being so well house trained that she is afraid to let it go in the house.. and the thought that she doesn't feel well is making her more upset than she already is... I don't know but I think she might sorta have a point.

Big Dogs with Jobs / Dog Scouts of America
« on: May 02, 2006, 12:15:51 pm »
So.. I think I am an uber geek.  I was reading old topics on a few boards maybe even this one.. I don't remember.. and found the dog scouts of america..
I was a brownie, a girl guide, a pathfinder, a ranger, a sparks leader and a brownie leader (yes, I know, I'm a geek) and I lived for collecting badges..
And I think it would rock my socks to earn badges with my pup.. Only I'm in Canada.. and the only group up here is in Alberta :(
They even offer camps with you and your dog involved.
So, am I super geeky.. or does this at least amuse other people even if they aren't the outdoorsy type?

OMG.. So I was walking Cider.. we are working on loose leash walking. Dickie Dee guy is coming down the street every so often ringing his bells. Gets 20-30ft to Cider, starts ringing them out of control non stop. Cider strains at the end of the leash, freaks out, and snaps the end of the leash she is so scared, and the guy thinks it's hilarious.
I miraculously call her back, and we have to jog for more than a block to get away from him because he won't leave her alone.
I called dickie dee in town, they are really sorry, and plan to tell their people to leave dogs alone.
Nearly had a heart attack over it, came home and I was shaking more than her...
Guess that'll nicely regress our walking skills but at least she didn't bolt in front of a car or just keep running.

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