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Leonberger Discussions / Well, I've been off this board for awhile
« on: September 29, 2006, 03:28:43 am »
I was hoping to get my own Giant breed... and I ws waiting on the Ultra Sound results...but found out  a couple days ago that the Leonberger mom-to-be wasn't pregnant
Now I am all bummed out...
However, there are a few Great Pyrenees 'breeders', I will just have to keep a close eye in the papers.  They are a little more popular then Leonbergers around here.

Anything Non-Dog Related / My Posts
« on: August 20, 2006, 04:46:42 am »
Ha ha ha... I just wanted to say
I am a Big Paw Certified ( nut )

At what age approxamatly do you see your Fur Babies fill into thier fur?
Or/and when your noticed something different has changed with their fur?  Like pattern...more fur on top, less on bottom, or visa versa?


How long normally is it from a sucessful conception (not familar with the proper terms, please bear with me)to birth?

I have decided on a Leonberger puppy, and was told by the breeder that her female was bred today.
Now assuming it is successful, how long til birth.  I know it's 8 weeks after that.

Man, oh man, I am dying here... hee hee... :D

It was titled..." My First attempt of youTube".
I think?
I want to show my mom that 3 dogs can play nice together.

I think we should e-mail our governments this video, and tell them since that got specificate breed bans as a law. then why can't they have a law the there should be no more breeding, backyard, accidents, etc.  And only allow Authorised breeder from the Kennel Clubs.  People should be held responsible for breeding/accidents/making money.  If Kennel Club breeders are responsible, then the other lazy $h1ts too should be, or just don't have a pet.

What do you think guys?
E-mail our government to make it illegal to have accidents.
Spay and Neuter should be LAW! !
If they can make BSL (I hope that is the right abv.?) law, why not spay and Nueter!
What is your say!
What would you say/ e-mail the government?
That way all we have to do it Copy... then paste it in our e-mail, and send a massive e-mail.
Send an e-mail to the persons responsible for the BSL bann.

Specific Website Information / Time of Posting???
« on: July 31, 2006, 03:26:38 am »
Golly gee... on this board it shows that I posted just after 4 am and on my computer, and on my watch it is just after 10am... whoa... I could get confused here.

Leonberger Discussions / Question, to all Leonberger Owners
« on: July 29, 2006, 12:07:49 pm »
A breeder has told me that if I wanted a Leonberger to realize that this breed are 'Velcro' dogs.
Is this true?  Do you find that if you dissapear for a bit, they are freaken?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / DoggyLover
« on: July 29, 2006, 06:23:02 am »
Your new avatar.
Is that your baby upside down??

OMG that is Sooo Cute!!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Just testing something
« on: July 19, 2006, 03:22:52 pm »
I got some stuff in m... so lets see if this works...

Hello gang...

Is there any such home recipe for detangler/loosen matts. ???

I really hate to shave her... shoot...shoot. ..
It is so close to her skin. 
She got matts on her neck from her collar.
I cut some with sissors, and combed out some. BUT she doesn't want me to touch her tail feather, and butt.

Is human hair conditioners safe to use on dogs?

I knew I should have bought dog hair conditioner, now I have to wait til nex pay  :'(

Any '2 cents' is greatly appreciated.  ;)

Someone at work (female co-worker) told me that Newfie's go a little funny during a woman's 'time of the month'.

Do you gals notice that your Newfie's are different during your 'time of the month'?

Would anyone know where this co-worker got this idea, if what I asked isn't true??


But I was wondering if anyone is interested to be my pen/web pal. :-[  Anyone that has read my "HOTSEAT" answers, and know me this far. Would know what I am like.
I am looking for someone who wouldn't mind being my friend. :)


and/or MSN Messenger ONLY at

I hope it's ok to be mentioning e-mail addresses :-\

Thank-you for time reading this.

I was told once by someone that 'fixing' a puppy will stud (sp?) their growth. ???

Is it ture?? Does anybody know for sure??? ??? :-[

In a some what related concern... a breeder will only sell her pups once they are fixed, hence why their prices are higher... Can they be fixed that young??? 
I personal rather wait, and let them mature a bit, and be a whole dog for bit.  Nevertheless, I would NEVER breed my dogs, or let them and go have 'fun'....  ::)

FAQs about puppies / Large breed PUPPY question
« on: July 04, 2006, 01:02:19 pm »
I was worried when Kuma was young ( from 7 weeks and up), and Lugan was playing really rough with her.
In case I get another pup, should I be more cautious this time.
I really hope Kuma doesn't have any hip problems because of Lugans rough housing when she was growing up. 
I am worried about Kuma. Nothing right now to worry about, but her future.
Anyways, not my point right now.
Like other new large breed puppy owners, they worry about growing, and not over excerising.

Do you understand what I am wondering about??
Shoot, I lost my self. :-\

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