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A Dog Who's Always Welcome -Lorie Long  EXCELLENT BOOK!

If you're like most dog owners, you want a trustworthy companion you can take on family vacations, to ball games, on hikes, and to cafes and festivals. You want your dog to behave when you have guests, stay peacefully at hotels, ride calmly in elevators, and maintain proper doggie decorum in all kinds of situations.

Chances are, you've watched and admired assistance and therapy dogs who are attentive to their owners' needs no matter what. This book taps into the secrets of assistance and therapy dog trainers and shows you how to use focused foundation socialization training to make sure your dog is well behaved--even in unfamiliar environments loaded with distractions and temptations. It goes beyond typical behavioral training and basic commands and covers:

    * Evaluating your dog and recognizing traits that will affect her needs
    * Using reward-based processes to teach complex behaviors and self-discipline
    * Creating a socialization program that makes your dog focused on you and confident in different environments
    * Reading your dog so you can anticipate her reactions and keep her focused on your directions

With these sophisticated training techniques, you'll turn your family pet into a sociable, take-anywhere dog who will always be welcome!

Leonberger Pictures / My Leo Boys
« on: January 12, 2008, 01:26:45 am »
It's been a year I think, since I posted pics of my Gunnar who is now 14 months old.  I was hoping to show Gunnar but unfortunately his lower eyelids are very droopy.  This fall I added a third leo to the family.  His name is Bosco and he just turned 6 months old.  They get along so great.  They're just happy guys.  Corben's turning into an old man but once in a while he gets in on the action.  He's a "give it but can't take it" kinda guy and gets grouchy whenever he's not the one doing the bullying.





Leonberger Pictures / Pictures Finally
« on: January 31, 2007, 01:52:26 pm »
Glad to see the leo section is getting a little more action, lately.

I got my new pup Gunnar just after Christmas so he's about 12 weeks old now.  He has a fantastic personality.  He loves to cuddle,  he's fearless and very smart.  My breeder did a wonderful job with socialization and choosing the parents.

My other leo, Corben is being a grump but hanging in there through the ankle biting stage.

Gunnar will be in his first puppy conformation show this March in Washington.  I'll be testing the waters to see if either of us enjoy it.

Enjoy the pictures.

Leonberger Pictures / Introduction with photos
« on: December 15, 2006, 04:51:20 am »
Hello fellow leo lovers.  I just registered although I have been regularly perusing the forum for information for a year.  I'm a sculptor residing in Vancouver with a 4 year old male leo and another pup arriving in two weeks.  This is the first section I always go to to see if there are any new pictures.  If you're a picture fiend like me please enjoy!

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