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Bills & Other Legislative Acts / Any Vick updates?
« on: August 16, 2007, 04:48:07 pm »
I was hearing that he had to accept the plea deal by 9:00am this morning(Fiday) if he wanted it.Anyone got any updates?

I am sorry in advance for this.

My husband has these friends who have 2 pits.1 boy(zuesy) and 1 girl(princess pippi)well these people are kinda nasty and they moved into this nice new trailer park that they cannot afford and they let the dogs pee and poop everywhere. Well the mrs got tired of cleaning it up and she found a crate and now they throw the dogs inthe crate constantly.She even jokes about the fact that they live in their crate they never come out.I told her that was no life for a dog more or less 2 of them in the same crate they are still puppies and gorgeous but they are so neglected.They never have baths, their nails are so long they curl under, they are living on $10 for 45lb type o dog food.They constantly get yelled at and stuff thrown at them, but on the appearence side of things they look normal, so calling animal control will do me no good. After I expressed my feelings about this to her she said unless I wanted them then she didn't care what I thought.

I dunno how to handle this, i mean i would love to take em , but with the pregnancy and the adoption going thru here soon i can't do puppies right now, any suggestions?

His bro just got 2 new pits and they are really sweet but this is the same guy who calls me EVERY week begging for money to feed his kid cause he's sooo broke.What makes him think that he can afford 2 more dogs?? AAHHHHH ! I am gonna go off on somebody real soon. Anyone know of anyone looking for pits?, maybe i can talk em into getting rid of em.

Great Dane Discussions / The News.....
« on: August 02, 2007, 09:19:01 pm »
Ok so I haven't been on in a few days because things have been crazy. The dane I had given the people money to get healthy again, well she unfortunately did not make it ( in my defense I had no idea she was really that bad off ) but she was comfortable and not in pain when she went in the middle of the night. They offered to give me my money back I told them it was not neccesary and to keep my phone number on hand for the next one that needed help.

I went home and was really sad and crying and stuff, and fifteen minuted later my Dr. calls and tells me I'm 3 months pregnant!! WoW !! We wanted more but I wasn't really thinking that I could be pregnant now, crazy how when life gets ya down it has a way of bringing you back up again.

So as of now my family will be growing as of late Jan or early Feb.

Great Dane Discussions / Thinking about taking on another Dane
« on: July 26, 2007, 09:09:32 pm »
OK so I was reading about this Pitbull who was found wandering the streets after someone set it on fire here in Indy today and in the article they mentioned a female great dane that animal control had picked up , someone chained her to a tree and let her starve almost to death shes 3 years old and so emaciated she can barely walk but I called animal control and offered my time and money to get her back up and going ok again, they told me I could have first bid on adoption if I helped now... my only concern is for a dog that has been so mistreated i kinda feel iffy because of my little kids... what if she snaps and gets aggresive? She seems sweet as can be but I am just concerned. Watcha think??

P.S - the pitbull is gonna be fine after some major treatment... she has almost all of her backside burnt down to the muscle but they are working hard on her and she is happy and licks your face if you'll let her... she has a great chance at being someone's forever doggie

OK.... my ongoing dilema, we live in Indianapolis Indiana- in the city so there are alot of houses around.Current ly the houses on both sides of us are vacant  1has been for 4 months the other for 2 years and then there's another one directly across the street from us thats actually abandoned.  Heres dilema these houses are constantly in a state of disaster.. the one to the left of me people randomly dump their garbage in the back yard - we found a case of used syringes and bloody gauze and nasty rotting food and it's bad like you can smell it when you come out of the back door. I called Mayors Action Center they told me to deal with it - I said "no thanks I don't wanna die of aids " and i called board of health- they said the same thing  - i personally wrote the Mayor of this fine city - no response so i paid $80 to have someone come and remove the stuff so I would not have to deal with it, which I shouldn't have to I am a homeowner and pay my taxes and keep my house up and my yard and property look good and I am proud of it - I own my home scott free no more mortgage nothing at 24 !!! I have accomplished alot and feel like I have no one to turn to when i have a problem like this . But I am really worried about the safety of my kids and my doggies with all this going on...oh and 2 day ago we went away for a day came back and someone had dumped 3 13 gal. trash cans full of feces o some sort in the yard next to us. I apologize for being so long I just dunno what to do anymore... any suggestions?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / I have been dooped again
« on: June 27, 2007, 03:00:53 am »
So this morning I had no craziness like yesterday instead my dogs went on with there normal routine ( Thank God! ) But then I hear the dogs fighting(you know how that play fighting dogs do with each other sounds) so I wasn't real worried....WRO NG AGAIN..... Lucy comes bounding out from the side of the house full speed and Scooby comes hopping along covered in what appears to be blood, (panicking) so I of course freak out and wake my husband up and have him come outside with me because I know first hand how injured animals can sometimes be......only to find our neighbors had put there trash out a day early and my dogs was covered in ketchup!! Imagine if you will the sheer frustration that I have been dooped 2 days in a row by my doggies. Not to mention my hubby sees it's ketchup and immediately says "Their your dogs I'm goin back 2 bed" so I was late today because I had to completely groom my trash digging comrades before work... aaahhhhh..I really thought all of the craziness from yesterday would do me for the rest of the month and now here's more. Gotta love those doggies..

Food Discussion & Information / Dog Food....again!
« on: June 26, 2007, 03:02:41 am »
Just curious but for those of you who have large breeds.. do you really feel like the diffrent dog foods labeled "large breed" compared to those labeled "giant breed" are any diffrent? I know some of them have more nutrients in them, but does anyone have first hand experience with the "giant breed" and if so can you tell an overall diffrence? thanks

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Dang Utility Workers !!!!!
« on: June 25, 2007, 11:59:05 pm »
So I have this routine in the mornings... 1)crawl out of bed after 4 hours sleep 2)Immediately let the dogs out side to do their thing while I get ready for work 3)change babies diaper and get her a sippy cup 4)try to brush teeth fix hair and hop into my clothes while yelling at dogs to please stop barking at the birds(which is useless cause they don't stop but their so loud they wake up my kids)and 4)run out the door in time to get to work early to uphold my "always early reputation".So at halfway into step three I realize i don't hear the dogs barking anymore and it is TOO quiet to be good.I run out the back door (half dressed and barefoot) to see someone(electric co meter reader)has left my side gate open and dogs are gone!!! I live in the city and people have a fear for big dogs..and then I hear someone scream and instantly I knew where my dogs were... about 2 blocks down terrorizing someone's cat in their yard..(my dogs thought they were gonna get that cat threw the fence apparently.) So with toothbrush in my mouth and robe barely on i drag my 2 back to our yard where I give them the disapproving" you 2 are so bad" look !!Then I felt bad.. go inside and my daughter apparently in all the drama decides she needs more milk and empties the entire gallon on herself and floor...Oh what a morning!!!  Anyone else having a crazy day?

Hi ! Okay so I have an 18 mo. old dane "scooby" who i can not get to put on weight.He was the runt of the litter and all but he seemed like he was getting better for awhile and now it's like i can't do anything to get him to actually put on weight... he eats constantly too. Any suggestions?

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