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It was just too hot here for man or "hairy beast" so we all piled into the car and took a ride out to camp.

Tibetan Mastiffs are not water dogs huh??? I have no choice but to disagree here (atleast with my gurl)

She was a bit intimidated by the water for a whopping 3 minutes or so, but once she realized everyone else was in there, she couldn't be left out.

She arrived last night ;D and is even cuter than I ever imagined.

She is still nameless for the time being but here's some pictures for now.

At almost 11 weeks old meeting her new family.

I have a ton more that I still have to go through and upload so more will follow, if the board allows me to reply that is?!?!?!

Names Wimble ( not really but thats my alias anyways lol) I live in Northern Ontario and have 2 "big paws" and 1 Little paws dogs.
My "big paws" are a Rottie/boxer (she's my pampered princess) mix and a border collie ( his paws arent all that big though come to think of it, but he's still the "big guy" here)
My little paw guy is an Am.Cocker (an old fella that came here as a foster but... tee hee)
I recently lost one rescue that lived with us 2 brief yet wonderful years, he was a Rottie/Shepherd mix and was most definately the biggest paws we ever had.

I was sent this link by someone as I am fishing for info on what most possibly may be my next "big paw" (Tibetan Mastiff) I stumbled across the breed quite accidentaly I must admit, and I fell in love.
My man and I are planning a trip to a breeders to look at some of them and spend some time with a few to see for sure...

Well, thats all for my intro, Im off to figure out this forum which I also must admit is unlike any other I have seen...
Hope to talk with many of you in the future.

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