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Newfoundland Discussions / Advice on adopting Newf #2?
« on: May 23, 2009, 11:07:03 am »
I can only assume you all are the most appropriate crowd to poll on such a matter... What do you think about adopting a 1 year-old male to join our 2 year-old female? Here are some particulars, followed by some photos so you can see them in action. (If the camera battery hadn't been dead, I would have taken a shot of them sleeping on each other a few hours ago. Adorable!)

He is actually Mayhem's little brother, and one solid, strong, sweetie-pie dog, but *entirely* untrained, as in, really no clue about leashes, sitting, laying down, house training, you name it! We are in VT this weekend where we have space and grass and no cars. But he'd be a wild child where we live during the week (urban... think sidewalks and lots of dogs, kids, cars, trucks, sirens, etc.). Oh, and he's intact, too! We could maybe take him for weekends up here, until he could handle at least the leash concept...
But he and Mayhem seem to have a blast together. And he's happily snoozing in a big crate right now.

Any thoughts?

In the photos, Mayhem is running, and George is more sort of lumbering. :)

Newfoundland Pictures / Couple more pix of Mayhem
« on: February 04, 2009, 05:02:35 pm »
Thanks again for the warm welcome!
I have been laughing at some of the pictures you've all posted... Dinty, I think it was, hiding behind trees? LOL. Hubby also cracked up!

These aren't quite so funny... but I'm new... will try hard to catch up!!

Here's a few of Mayhem (running in the snow and lounging in the kitchen). And I put up an old one in memory of our big girl Chumley, who left us almost exactly a year ago. We miss her tons.


Newfoundland Discussions / Introducing myself
« on: February 02, 2009, 03:23:27 pm »
After lurking for a while, checking out all the most excellent photos of your *beautiful* Newfies, I registered.

Mayhem is our second Newfie - we adopted her at 9 months so she has lots of bad habits that I am hopeful you guys can help me deal with! She is a beautiful girl but really small (under 90 lbs.) for a Newfie. (Is there a nicer word for 'runt'?) Her predecessor Chumley was 140 lbs. and a completely different personality. Mayhem is a dog's dog (likes to 'garden' and chase squirrels), whereas Chumley was more of a princess (she would hold up her paw for us to get the ice balls out).


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