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Maximus has had his second injection of Adequan. It seems to really be helping him. He is able to take his pain med every other day now. I am seeing a big change in him. He is much less grumpy than he was.
We will not have surgery done on him. It is too much of a gamble and for now this seems to be working.
I truly appreciate everyones input on this
You guys are great

I haven't touched base for awhile. I wanted to make sure I had something to write about. Maximus had his adequan shot and will have another in a week or so. He has had his glucosamine upped in amount.
Oh my gosh, my puppy is so much happier. He isn't lame at night after running around, The pain med he is on everyday is helping so much,
I will keep you posted as time goes on. You guys are so smart, I really appreciate all your honest and compassionate help

thanks Mary,
They are coming on Monday. If all goes well I may put him in their doggie daycare one day a week. I wanted to get his pain from his hips managed first

Maximus went to his new vet. She gave him a shot of Adequan and he will have one a month for four months. He is also on a prescription of meloxicam and she wants him to have 1500 mg of glucosamine a day. Did someone say that the human kind is o.k. I am thinking of getting the kind that you scoop into his food.
She is going to talk to a doctor who used to do an operation where they snipped a certain muscle rather than replace the hips. We are looking at all the options.
It was a very good visit.

The dog trainer just emailed me. They can't make it tomorrow afternoon. She wanted to know about Monday morning. Mornings are chaos around here and hubby can't miss work.So I will wait to see what she comes up with.

Thanks you guys for all your positive advice. We only did the water thing yesterday cause husband read it somewhere. I won't do it anymore. I don't want him to think I am being mean to him. He loves it outside, he doesn't say a peep when the kids and I are out there or when he is on his run. The problem with him being on his run is when people come to the house. He asks to go outside most of the time.
Yes I am so excited about the trainer coming. My son got this dog three years ago after much protest from me. Much protest. Then of course kids moves out, leaves dog.
I get so frustrated because I love him sooo much and want him to be good. I do not have a problem with him being a guard dog, I just don't want him to hurt anyone. Because ultimately it is the responsibility of a dog owner to have control of his or her dog.
I am choosing to have hope and faith that with work and patience this will work out

HI Patrick,
I agree with you. He is great with the kids, but we have to remember he is a dog not a person. He has been outside all day and is doing a good job today. When he barks excessively we have been going out and throwing water at him. It has quieted him quite a bit.
I am actually excited about her coming. I love this dog, but I don't want him to be a menace. He is too big and strong for that.

Thanks Patrick,
My concern is that she will tell us we are doing everything wrong! I spoke with my husband and son about how when she gives us homework we all have to do it.
Right now Maximus is in his play yard outside looking in with pleading eyes. He barks every few minutes and then lays down.
Do you think she will want him in a kennel all day?

Hi its me Rachel in Vt again. Maximus is having a hard time with strangers coming to the house. Such as the mailman, ups , different people besides the regular daycare parents. He is becoming aggressive towards them. One daycare dad as he was leaving the house Maximus got aggresive with. He hasn't bitten anyone, but acts like he wants to
So after much frustration, we are having a dog trainer come to the house to assess the situation and then start working on a plan. The classes we have gone to have used a choker collar, these people use the clicker method.
Any experience with having someone come and evaluate, what if she tells us he is a lost cause,
He is a beautiful dog who thinks he is serious guard dog. I don't mind him being a guard dog, I want him to cut it out when I tell him to

We have made an appointment with a different vet for a second opinion. Maximus gets three bufferin in the morning and three at night. His weight is good, he weighs 135lbs. He walks well but of course is lame afterwards.
No easy answers with this dog.
I will have hubby ask about the injections though.

Our french mastiff is now three years old. He is on a regimen of three bufferin a day. It helps for a little while but by evening he won't put any weight on his back legs. As you can guess he has hip displaysia.
Any thoughts, ideas,
we are very sad and upset about this. Our insurance does not cover this,
I hate the thought of him being in constant pain
thanks guys
Rachel in Vt

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: update on Maximus
« on: September 15, 2008, 07:05:10 am »
Maximus seems to be doing much better. Husband has been taking him for a walk everyday and he is on his glucosamine.
It is nice to see him perk up a little. He seemed like an old man for awhile.
Now we need to work on listening skills. He is very stubborn and we are very lazy with his training which is not a good idea with such a big dog.

I called the vets cause he isn't walking on his rear left leg at all. she said to take the x-ray they really have to manipulate his legs.
he is outside basking in the sun right now. I am going to put an electric blanket on my bed for him on low.
we don't tend to treat him like a dog, the dog whisperer would really frown at us wouldn't he.
he is actually a happy dog when he isn't hurting

I think this picture will work. here we go

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: update on Maximus
« on: September 11, 2008, 01:30:49 am »
Hi Patrick,
do dogs have to have the dog kind of glucosamine or can they have the people kind you get at the store.
His food has 400 mg a serving. I will have to see how big a serving is and do the math
his x-rays showed that his hip displaysia isn't horrible, but we should be proactive and start some sort of treatment

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