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Dalmatian Discussions & Pictures / Belly bumps?
« on: September 30, 2007, 12:12:27 pm »
Hi! I'm Molly's mom, a dear dal/pit mix who runs our house. She has developed a condition which I am uncertain how to deal with. She has bumps on her belly, about 10 of them, and she's scratching them incessantly. Some are red and look like mosquito bites and some she has scratched until they bled and are scabbed. There are 10 of these bumps.
So, my question is, did she sit in a mosquito huddle, mayhaps? She's had K9 Advantix applied within the last 40 days...hmmm. I may have answered my own question.
Well, I'm looking forward to chatting with other dal folk; we also have a rottador, so big paws is what we do here.

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