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Thank you, more than I can express.
I'm touched by the outpouring of caring people.  And, by your own
experiences with losing a dear one.

While my 2 dogs were struggling, I was determined to think ONLY
of what they needed -- no personal indulgences for myself - they could read me like a book! 

Now they are gone, and they knew they were loved.  They watched me, over the years, as I  learned to listen to them.  And, yes, I'm sure I still missed some of their requests.  But, they were both patient and forgiving with me...

My work with Mom's NO KILL Shelter (Beath Animla Shelter, Dillwyn VA) will give me more chances to learn from other precious animals -- and help them find their true home.

Thanks, again, for being so moved by their experience, to conact me.
Maybe that's another of Buck and Gypsy's lessons -- keep connecting with people like you!

Bullmastiff Discussions & Pictures / Re: MASTIFF in need - VA
« on: June 03, 2005, 03:27:10 pm »
I know Spicewood Flats.  I called them, and the gal there said it is not one of hers.  But, she said she was curious enough to pick up a copy of the publication and look at the ad.  But, she did not sound like
she has the room/time, etc. to rescue the dog.
They run a real nice, busy facility.  And, I'm sure it's MORE than fulltime effort.

I will also send a message to the rescue website you suggested.

I have called the number in the publication several times.  First, busy for hours, then only a message machine.  I left a msg.
Thank you,

Bullmastiff Discussions & Pictures / MASTIFF in need - VA
« on: June 03, 2005, 03:01:03 pm »
Hi, Mastiff lovers,
Today, I saw an ad, in a local "free to advertise" publication.
I'm in Front Royal, VA, in the Shenandoah Valley.

Mastiff, Male, intact, abt. 5 yrs old.  Has shown some aggression
to other dogs. Must go to a home with no small children, and lots

This alarms me  -- for several reasons.
Mastiffs are too often adopted for the "oooooh factor",
only to find out later the dog requries more than you have to give.

Who should I contact?
Should I put the phone number on this website?

Worried about the big guy,
Connie England
Beath Animal Rescue
Front Royal, VA

Hi, all,
Thanks, again, everyone.  What an outpouring of compasson!  I've re-read
them, and they are comforting.  

Our dogs' lifespan is shorter than ours (usually).
Over the years,  we have to say goodbye to several good friends .

My family founded (and still runs) a HUGE NO-KILL Shelter in Dillwyn, VA.
Mom has 116 dogs and about 40 cats right now.  They are very very
active in placing dogs.  My Mom feels very deeply whenever they lose a dog or cat.  Each one is precious to her.

NOTE:  Beath Animal Shelter serves a large region.  They do not transport, take rescues from out of state, etc.  With 116 dogs, they are busy enough!

But, at my home in Front Royal, VA, I foster a couple at a time, and  work with other rescues.  

This week I'll travel to Beath Anim. Shelter (about 2 hrs) and bring back a foster dog.  A nice cattle dog.  I'll clean her up, work with her, and look for a good home for her.  That's the best therapy I can imagine!

I have room for one more foster dog.  I only foster 2 at a time.  
I placed my last foster dog before my big dogs became ill.
Helping a homeless dog find a permanent home is very satisfying.
Somewhere along the way, one (or more) of them will find their
permanent home here with us.

Border Collie Discussions & Pictures / Grieving Collie
« on: April 23, 2005, 07:58:03 pm »
Hi, all,
I posted a note earlier, but don't see it on the web page.
After our bloodhound Buck died, we tried, in vain to help his grieving mate Gypsy.
But, she just had to catch up with her "guy",so she laid down and died.

My husband and I were in some kind of shock, I think.
We left town for a few days.
We stopped at my parents home tonight.  It's the first time I've had access to a computer.
Tomorrow we'll go home.
It will take time, but Buck and Gypsy will settle into our sweetest memories.

Thank you, -  all of you -- for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers.

Hi, all,
Sweet Gypsy just couldn't let her lifelong mate get too far away from her.
She knew her place was with him, even in death.  And, she wanted  to catch up with him.

Last night, she came in the house (first time in weeks), and lay one
the carpet and my husband sat with her.  Then, she went back outside.
She said goodbye to us.

This morning she was dead.  I have to believe she knew where she was going and why.  It's awful for us -- but, it must be sweet for Gypsy.
Thank you all,

Thanks, all, for your compassion and suggestions.
Yeah, it's pretty clear that "Buck" the bloodhnd was most important to her.

We have another dog, but Gypsy just ignores him.  
My vet called, suggesting I take a couple ice cubes out to her, trying to
keep her from dehydrating.  She's not touching the water.

Losing Buck was a blow to us, but we just kept our focus on "what's best for him".  Now, poor Gypsy needs our help, but we just can't reach her.
I'll keep at it.  My vet says some dogs come out of it after a couple days.
Thank you all, again.

My male bloodhound, Buck,  died 2 days ago.  
His lifelong yardmate has been Gypsy, a female Collie.
I've always felt Gypsy was not MY dog, as much as she was the
bloodhound's dog!
She reacts with hysterics if I even try to take her out of the yard
where he is, to go to the groomers.  I had to stop! Even used a vet
who'd come here, so Gypsy didn't have to leave Buck's side...

Now, she wont' eat and is very lethargic.  It's been 2 days.  I've tried special treats, inviting her to come in the house, or for a walk.  Now, I'm just letting her have her quiet space.
I'm scared.  I don't want her to starve to death.
Has this ever happened to you?

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