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« on: June 17, 2009, 10:02:38 am »
My mothers great dane years ago used to go out and work on a hole everyday. Same hole, and it was a very solemn affair - as so many things tended to seemed with our danes. The hole got huge! My mother used to joke she was digging my mothers grave. Then one day the dane stopped.  The hole was big enough to bury both my mother and the dane by that time.
   Lucy was raised in an apartment - which was no problem at all, - so we are just now finding out what she can get up to.  I have filled all the holes with odds and ends such as: clay flower pots, rocks, heavy wood, and painted it with a mixture of water and cyan pepper. And like 2 year old, if it's too quiet outside I know she's up to no good.

I didn't mean to make my post sound so negative!


Lucy is kind and gentle and just stands over the little dogs stomping her feet, when they get any chance to gobble down her food. She loves other dogs, children and adults. Is a wonderful guard dog without making me feel like she might kill someone. She is calm and a delight to take downtown to the bakery and helps me carry the bread home. And unlike tia (my jack russell rescue) she has never bit the anus of our neighbors sweet chow mix, causing horrible pain and a very large vet bill. I can once again take long walks at night and feel safe. We do tend to get lost and with my total lack of a since of direction and Lucy being a wondering breed, it is amazing we ever make it home. She is a lovely girl and a joy to come home to and along with the Tia, is always there for a hug if you had a bad day.
There, that was better.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / New member
« on: June 16, 2009, 01:07:31 pm »
Hi, I'm not sure this is going to work neither of my computers are letting me post.
This is just great to find some folks who are also in love with their big dogs! I live in Oregon and have a jack russell (tia), rat terrier
(jax)), and a 10 month old Pyr named Lucy. The pyr is my daughter and her fiance, but living with me because my daughter is having some health issues....noth ing she wont get better from. I will be taking the big girl back to her mama after my daughter is married and moved overseas.  In the mean time I am putting Lucy through obedience ...hahahaha. I laugh, not because she can't learn, but sometimes she cooperates and other times she just looks bored and I could swear she is rolling her eyes at me, as if to communicate - surely you jest? She is wonderful on the lead, it's the other commands that are on and off. Will not sit on command while wearing her backpack, but will plop down on her butt or lie down with no problem when we are at an outdoor cafe. She thinks it's funny to run from me when I need her to come in from the yard - so she now drags around a 20' lead. I won't even go into the barking, mainly because my daughter is going to be living in a dangerous area and we need the bark. It is going to take a lot of time to get her to stop on command.... again ....hahahaha!
I thought I wouldn't have another large dog, but I am hooked again and will be getting another pyr when Lucy leaves.
I would love to add some pics but the page wont load, so I'm trying it without pics.
Did I mention digging?

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