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Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Barney - new pics
« on: September 22, 2006, 02:16:58 am »
Awesome pics!! Barney is gorgeous!

Hello! First let me say that those two puppies are the cutest little things ever!!!I'm Leah and my kiddos are Hutch a 3yo Saint and Abbey a 3yo husky/shep cross.

About the food, I would find a different food right away!!Puppy food for our mega fast growing Saints only acts like jet fuel for them. They grow faster than they should be. For a Saint to grow up soundly you want the growth to be as slow as possible. They will still reach their predisposed genetic height, but the longer it takes to get there the better. Rapid growth causes too much stress on the growing joints, causing potential disasters down the road. A premium adult maintenance diet is great for your growing pups! As for the brand you use there are many great ones to check out. Juct check out the food discusion part of BPO and you can catch up on all of the goods!!

I wish that I could be of more help for the other questions that you have asked. As for your little girl peeing when your friend leaves I can only recommend changing the routine when your friend is about to leave. Perhaps you all go outside to see your friend off or maybe put your girl on a lead when you know that your friend is about to leave. This way when she is on her lead you will have full control of her and she won't have the chance to ignore you and pee on the floor.

And last thing, please post more pics of all of the fur family!!

 I use canned pumpkin, not the pie filler, but the real pumpkin. If we are dealing with an especially drawn out runny bum I will give a pepto dosage too. Hope you feel better soon Teddy, and I hope for your Mom's sake that everything firms up the way it's suppose to real soon.

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Re: Bo just had a seizure!!!
« on: September 17, 2006, 10:29:17 pm »
Seizures can be associated with pancreatitis. When the enzyme levels become elevated during an acute attack there is possibility of having a seizure. Days after, however it can be difficult to pinpoint the reason because after an attack the enzyme levels do return to normal again. I am so sorry that you are going through this.

Great Dane Discussions / Re: Does Neutering Stunt Their Growth???
« on: September 12, 2006, 10:17:40 am »
Check out
Just some indepth info on how early neutering and increased growth.

Beso is HUGE!!! and gorgeous!! I think that CO's are one of the most beautiful looking breed of dogs out there. Please post more pics!!

I know what you mean about there not being many Saints around, we don't have many around here either. But you wouldn't know that by all of the people who talk like they know all about the breed. Lola is one beautiful girl, and her half mask doesn't make her look any less Saint like, it makes her look gorgeous!!! The main thing that we hear is he can't be a Saint if he doesn't have long hair, and no matter what you try to say to these people they are the ones that know the truth and we are the ones with the wool pulled down over our eyes!! Those Beethoven movies have led the know-it-alls of the world to think that all Saints look the same :-\.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Hello I am new to the board..
« on: September 08, 2006, 08:58:21 am »
Welcome! What a beautiful pyr you have! I'm Leah, and I am owned by two three year olds. Hutch is my Saint, and Abbey is my Husky/shep cross.

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Does this angle make me look fat?
« on: September 08, 2006, 08:51:36 am »
LOL!! I love it when they get faces like that! She is such a pretty girl!

He is probably having another growth spurt, but I couldn't agree more with EastJenn, I don't think that the puppy food is helping matters any, he could be growing too fast.  A good adult food would help slow down that growth preventing some potential fast growth joint problems. And don't worry about the eventual height, Saint Bernard standards only say minimum 27 and a half inches at the shoulder for a male, there is no restriction to how tall they become as long as they are proportionate. For some reason or another I can't get the link to come through, but if you check out the Saint Bernard Club of America and go to breed standard you can see the height restrictions. The SBCA is the recognized breed standard here in North America.

Without knowing what is wrong with him it may or may not be a good idea to give him some benedryl to help with the itchies because it really does sound like allergies. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon!

No greenies in my house either. For me it is pretty simple, wax isn't good for the plumbing, whether that be a real toilet or a digestive tract.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Saint for adoption in Atlantic Canada
« on: September 05, 2006, 06:41:39 am »
He is no longer available.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Saint for adoption in Atlantic Canada
« on: September 05, 2006, 12:42:08 am »
He is a real big LOVE bug- and he is a huge Saint! His health is great and he falls into the typical Saint Bernard gentle giant temperment. I'll know later on today on what they have decided for his adoption fee.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Saint for adoption in Atlantic Canada
« on: September 04, 2006, 08:31:54 am »
I was just contacted about this big fella who really needs a home. He was found as a stray in northern New Brunswick. He is a big loveable fella who is approximatley 3 years old. His fur was covered in mats so he had to be shaved down, but a nice full coat will grow back in. He is unsure of cats, and he will need to be neutered before he goes to his new forever home. If anyone has any questions PLEASE contact me for any other information. I would love to foster the big guy, but I have 2 cats and Hutch does not like any other big males.

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