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Our puppy has a UTI, which we suspect she's had since we got her about 2 months ago.  She's been on APO (amoxicillin) for about 3 weeks.  At first, it seemed like her infection was clearing up, but we checked her yesterday and she's got a bit of discharge again.  The UTI seems to be back (or it never went away!) 

She has been diagnosed with an inverted vulva and we were advised once to wait until after her first heat to have her spayed, and the other vet said that it's very controversial to have them go into heat before spaying.
Supposedly it's supposed to "push" the vulva outwards when they go into heat.
We have her appt. for spaying set for next week but we aren't sure whether or not to do it yet.

We've been giving her yogurt during her course of antibiotics, and have bought some cranberry supplements for her after the UTI is gone.  Does anyone else have any experience with inverted vulvas, or even recurrent UTI's, that can give me some advice? 


Old English Mastiff Discussions / Newbie Introduction!
« on: September 01, 2005, 07:11:19 pm »
Hello all! 

I am the new proud owner of a 6-month old female English Mastiff, who we have named "Binky"!  I know, funny name, but it's kind of in protest of the big long noble names that mastiffs seem to get stuck with.  However, I regress, on her papers we will name her "Binkus Magnolia" or something to that effect, just to have a "real" mastiff name for her! 

I grew up with a mother obsessed with mastiffs, and when I moved to Canada from the US to live with my fiance, I missed them so much I just had to get one* myself (*one for now - I have already started a "mastiff fund" for another!). 

We love her so much and hope that you do too! 

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