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Golden Retriever Discussions / I can't believe he caught one!
« on: November 08, 2005, 03:05:02 am »
The unimaginable finally happened yesterday.... Argus has been trying to catch one of these little critters for almost 4 years....¬  They taunt him daily, but he's so big and not the most graceful

So, yesterday afternoon it finally happened, he came trotting into the house with a large freshly dead squirrel carried gently in his mouth¬  :o (Eeeewwww!)¬  He made it past me and proceeded to drop it directly on the living room rug where he drops cookies, bisquits and toys. :-[

Besides being rather grossed out (I was in the middle of eating my lunch), I'm thankful there wasn't fur or blood everywhere.¬  It was a clean kill and in true retriever style, it was gently brought home for me just like any toy.

I'm assuming that he just got really lucky to find a way too slow squirrel.¬  But, this is not a first "hunt" success--as a pup of about 6 months, there was a small fish in a stream, a rat, and a very low nest of baby birds.¬  But there's been nothing since.¬  Anyone else have this experience with their retrievers (gentle as can be, but with a game/hunt instinct not just for retrieve)?

d & Argus CGC

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Just saying "hi"
« on: October 31, 2005, 06:45:47 pm »
It looks like this is the place to start...
I'm deanne and my dog is Argus.  He's not an official "giant" breed, but he qualifies by size  (just under 30" shoulders and 100+ lbs).  We're in southern California and look forward to some of the play dates with other gentle giants. :P

I found this website from an article on the dockdogs website and I'm really glad because I definitely have extra issues to deal with traveling with such a large dog.  Not to mention the added health risks on his joints, etc.  Looks like I'll be working my way through all the message topics...


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