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Hey all,

I was at the vet today and overheard a conversation with a tech and an owner about having to put a 5 year old Shar Pai/mastiff to sleep.  She took him in as a puppy, although she doesn't like dogs, so he wouldn't die in the wilderness.  She has given him the basics to survive, but not much else.  She is poor, and simply can't take care of him anymore.  She loves his personality (so do the vet techs, and me!)...he is sweet as can be (or was today)..but she can't keep him.  I asked her to hold on...and she said she would.

He is extremely late on ALL shots....he has some sort of terrible skin allergy and is losing his hair.  He doesn't get the attention he deserves, and according to her is neglected more than she would like. 

I will be able to post pictures later this week. 

Is there ANYONE out there that can help this beautiful boy??  Please contact me ASAP, his time will run out shortly!

thanks BPOers

Hey all....anyone that knows who I actually am knows that I left BPO years ago because I have a bad temper and I get too emotional over my dogs, my friends, and my opinions (I do however, check in all the time to see how some of my favorite cyber friends and their dogs are doing).....I don't play well with others, and therefore, some of you won't like my post.  sorry. 

I too came here in 2005, and I too was one of the original members.  I remember coming up with an idea about a BPO calendar, I remember coming up with an idea about a photo contest, and I remember sitting on a certain tan colored couch helping with many ACTUAL decisions for this board.  I have shared tears of joy and tears of sorrow, I have lost sleep over different issues that both I and my cyber friends have had with their Big Paws...I too felt that amazing connection with members here as so many of you have shared with each other.  I actually, somehow, feel I did a lot of growing up on this site (with plenty more to do).  I was lucky enough to meet and become amazing friends with Jaime and Michael, and feel that something should be said on their behalf, and on behalf of the board (even without their permission).  Sorry.

I am seeing a lot of terrible things being said here.  It's amazing how quickly people can turn on you.  It's amazing how cruel some people can be.  I could care less that you are angry (well I care, but you are entitled to that much)...but being mean is a different story.  And worse than that, thinking that you are deserving of answers from either past or present owners is laughable.  Both the past and present owners are/were here offering you a service.  A FREE service.  A place where you CAN still come to talk, vent, laugh, cry and make life long friends.  This is one of the safest places I have ever been on the web...and am sincerely grateful for the countless hours I was once able to spend here.  I so far have not seen anything stating that this site is being pulled, being a pay as you go, replacing mods, changing formats, or changing for the worse in any way.  I saw a very informative goodbye post, and a lovely new owner post.  So far, the only terrible posts are from the members here. 

I can see your ever, at this point, they are worst case scenarios that you are hoping don't happen.  They are things you are worried about but they have not yet surfaced...and until then, you are making more gray hair (or brewing up a first one), over nothing.  I know there is not quite anything like having a big slobbery dog on the floor by you..but just because someone doesn't have one next to them doesn't mean they don't have the IT knowledge to ensure a website stays running properly?! 

I saw a comment about this site being sold to someone around the world...what kind of comment is that?  Who cares where anyone is from?  If it weren't for this site, I couldn't have made friends from the East coast to West coast to Canada...Busin ess is done from all ends of the earth every day, as long as it is done properly, what does it concern you? 

I get everyone is pissed because they feel entitled to some "answers" or "explanations"...and I think that is actually a giant problem with the world.  Just because you spend hours here (at your own will) and have been extended the RARE courtesy of helping with different aspects of the site, you feel you should be included in all the decisions?? Especially the largest ones?  Where else in the world, the business world especially, does that happen?  It doesn't.  I do have an idea many of you seem to think you should have been offered the chance to buy BPO.  So why don't you all mortgage your homes, and see if the funds you collect will convince the new owners to sell to you.  I have seen that this site was sold for a quick buck or chump get a larger pot of chump change together and take control.  Folks, if life were that black and white, we wouldn't be in any of the messes we are in today.

I actually read the words, "shame on you"...Shame on YOU.  How about thanks for 5 great years, and here's to 25 more? 

I know how close many people on here are with one another, and that doesn't have to change just because the rights changed hands.  YOU members here ARE bpo...You have made it what it is, you are it's beating stop worrying, stop complaining, stop demanding things you are not entitled to...and be members here.  Post your stories, post your questions, and watch things continue as normal.  You keep things normal, you keep things running...not them.  The only thing I've seen change here is the attitude of the members, which is quite hard to see.  We are BPowners, lets act like it.  Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and get back to business...tal king about your babies! 

I hope everyone takes a deep breath and remembers that you do not have all of the details, you were not there for the behind the scenes conversations (nor was I), and that you will never have all the facts.  All you need to know is that if two people spent thousands of hours (and dollars) making and maintaining this site for YOU to enjoy, it probably took them many hours deciding to let it go, and that they took great care and precautions to ensure that BPO would stay BPO.  This was a labor of love for them...they wouldn't cast it aside without a second thought, just as you wouldn't.  I have known Jaime and Michael for years, and I have complete faith and trust in them that they did the right thing for EVERY person luding all of you.

I think it's great that everyone is mad, because that shows how truly special this board and it's members are.  You are so passionate about every aspect of this site and that is so rare and so wonderful!  I am truly privileged to be a member here among all of you.  I only hope that you all  can calm down, look at things with a clear head, and realize that the creators of BPO are people that you have loved for many years and although you might not appreciate their decision, they are still your friends.  They are still great people.  They are still Big dog owners.  They still carry a piece of BPO with them just as we all do (without choice!).  Most importantly, they still deserve the respect and kindness that they have shown all of you since you first joined their site!

I know I'll sure be bored without being able to read all of your stories and opinions on here.  So get back to it!



I swear I'd say "To h*ll with what they like" and build the fence. That's what my parents did and what we did, too, when we bought a house. And, guess what, everyone else followed suit. I think everyone sort of decided they wanted them but no one wanted to be the first to do it because of the "bully" neighbors like the ones you have.

I wish I could go back in time and just put on the darned fence...It would give me back the 5 years that these last 8 years have taken off my life lol.  It also might have been way cheaper than the $14,000 the fence company wants to build my fence.   :(


"one of the best places to live" my ###.  Actually laughed when that was printed, but seeing on the website is (I think) false advertising. 

Animal Codes and Ordinances


OWNER: Any person, partnership, or association or corporation owning, keeping, or harboring one (1) or more animals. An animal shall be deemed to be harbored if it is fed or sheltered for three (3) consecutive days or more.

PUBLIC NUISANCE: Any animal that habitually barks, howls, whines, or makes other sounds that disturb a person’s peace, or causes a foul or obnoxious odor to be emitted for the premises.

SURROUNDING ADJACENT PROPERTY: Premises on both sides, directly to the rear, on both sides of the premises, and directly across the street of the animal owner.

WILD ANIMAL: Any live non-human primate, raccoon, fox, skunk, poisonous reptile, bear, wolf, wolf-hybrid, cougar, leopard, jaguar, tiger, lion, lynx, bobcat, ocelot, or any other animal which can normally be found in the wild state. (Ord. No. 3130-3, 7-19-94)


Any owner having custody of any animal shall maintain control of that animal, and:

1.Shall not permit the animal to be a public nuisance or disturb the peace of any person.
2.Shall not permit the animal to be at large within the city limits.
3.Shall not keep or allow to be kept on or about their property or premises, any fierce/ dangerous animal.
4.Shall not keep, or cause to be kept, maintained, or controlled, more that three (3) animals, over the age of three (3) months, per household or business establishment, except:
1.When a household owner obtains a written permission from all the surrounding adjacent property owners.
2.When a business establishment is licensed to board, sell, care for, or protect animals.
5.Shall ensure the animal is property vaccinated against rabies and other diseases as may be necessary; and displays a current St. Charles County Department of Health tag.
6.Shall, if desired, and, after complying with Subparagraph (4) (a) or (b) supra, apply at the O’Fallon City Hall, by January first (1st) of each and every year, for a permit allowing more than three (3) animals per household or business establishment. Annual application to allow more than three (3) animals per household is on file in the City offices.
7.Shall ensure the animal is provided with adequate care and adequate shelter.
8.Shall keep every female dog or cat in heat confined in a building or secure enclose in such manner that such female dog or cat cannot come into contact with another animal except for a planned breeding.
9.May use the electronic containment system commonly known as “Invisible Fence” as a restraint system for animals. The “Invisible Fence” may be used as a secondary restrain in addition to a visible primary enclosure. This system is permitted if all maintenance requirements to keep the “Invisible Fence” in good working condition are met

I've been on hold with my City now for 15 minutes.  I hate where I live.

The really stupid thing is that We built our home here, and we were the LAST home to go up on our street and the street behind us...When we built, there were no fences at all...After Tyler died and we decided to get Cody, we were going to put up a fence, but all of our neighbors got together and had us come to a meeting and said "we would prefer you not put up a fence because it ruins the effect"...We weren't happy, but we also didn't want to piss off all of our new we put in an electric fence, and now the people that PUT TOGETHER THAT MEETING are the ones whose dogs were in my yard.  Frustrating.  So, yes, we allow fences here (height and material restricted though)...but our neighbors don't like them.  Then my neighbors put up a fence to keep their kids in it, and now that they are like 10, it keeps their kids OUT of it and constantly walking through MY yard.  ugh.  I shouldn't have neighbors, I need to buy land in the country or something.

Ah, thanks stella.  That does make sense, I am just so scared of him getting in trouble because of it though!!!!!  If anything happens to my dogs because of my neighbors being stupid pet owners, World War 3 will start on my street...
It does make me feel better though that you all see my side of it lol, BPO people should rule the world!  I will be at target at 5pm to get a new spray bottle, and a new bottle of vinegar...hope I never need to use it (with pepper spray as a reserve).  Am glad that this happened on my property.

I am considering not walking Angus anymore though...I've always been scared of off leash dogs coming up to him outside of my yard..and this was a BIG wake up call (even though I walk him with a muzzle on, don't know if the other dog would hurt him).  

My poor retarded dog.  I wish he could just love everyone how he loves my family!!!

lol, thanks.  Animal Control is #2 on my speed dial...#1 is voice mail.  lol, let's just say they have heard from me before. 

I don't want to report myself though, and I feel that is what I would essentially be doing.  That's why I'm curious about missouri laws and such. 

Yes, Angus could literally have killed that dog with one bite....why he didn't I don't know...but he didn't lick it either.  I'm not sure why it didn't end worse than it did...but I'm extremely concerned now.  Thinking I need to carry pepper spray with me...

Some of you know the deal with Angus.  Well, I've been working super hard with him lately, and I thought we were doing better, but we just had a major step back.  I had to wash his foot cuz he stepped in $***, which is always a nice treat.  So I took him and the dawn outside to the hose to wash it.  On our way back, my neighbors dogs were out....

back story on these dogs...for the last several months I've noticed they didn't have their "magical fence" (electric fence) collars on, and they have been coming into my yard and pooping.  I've been really tired of picking up their poo, but more concerned witht the fact that they run free.  I myself have an electric fence, but ONLY CODY IS ON IT SINCE HE ACTUALLY STAYS IN MY YARD...IF IT DOESN'T WORK, OR YOU DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY TO PUT ON THE COLLAR, DON'T OWN AN ELECTRIC FENCE...THEY DON'T PHYSICALLY KEEP YOUR DOG IN...PEOPLE DRIVE ME CRAZY.  Anyway...their little ugly black dog always runs into the edge of my yard (codys electric fence is 10 feet into my property (we are good neighbors i think) this little thing stands where cody can't and barks and bark and barks and barks and barks and growls and barks and barks and barks...litera lly, for 10's of minutes into the hours...

Well, after I cleaned off Angus's foot, we were walking back around the side of the house and down towards my sliding glass door and I saw movement...and it was Shadow (the little black dog) and Sadie (the lab) coming straight for us.  I immediately feel my heart stop, and feel the adrenalin enter my blood stream (where is the dog whisperer when you need him?)...We were within 4 feet of my back door, ON MY OWN PATIO.  The little one came straight for Angus, and Angus went straight for her.  She yelped (this is like a 5 pounder, Angus is a sort-of St Bernard mind she yelped and started to run home...I was able to get Angus into the house, and then I F****** took off for their house.  I told them what happened and to keep their dogs in their own yard, and to put their collars on them, then came home.  Then cooled off, then went back and made sure he didn't get her...and the girl said she checked her and there were no wet spots on her. 



Can we get in trouble???  Can HE get in trouble for having aggressive tendencies??  Does anyone know the laws in Missouri, or know WHERE to find laws for Missouri????  I'm freakin out.


Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: Happy Birthday, nickerbokker
« on: April 14, 2009, 03:35:05 am »
Thanks J!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: Happy Birthday, nickerbokker
« on: April 13, 2009, 06:27:45 am »

IT WAS A BLAST!!!! (aside from cooking the whole dinner lol)...I got to have a family birthday party for the first time since I was 13 (last time the birthday was on easter).  It was SOOO much fun!  I highly suggest, if at all possible lol, trying to get your birthday to land on a holiday lol. 

Nickers xx

and those beautiful times when you bend over to give head kisses, and they fling their head right up and into your nose and you keel over in pain!  those are fun lol, and plentiful!

No joke right?  Maggie tripped my sister who fell down a flight of steps, and she broke her back!!!  She didn't go to the doc either till a few months later!  (that's the 3rd of the family lmao, guess we have weak backs)

That number also doesn't account for the full on sneak attacks from behind and from the side wheere they just flat out knock you over, no tripping included!  It also doesn't include when they get a bit overexcited and leash pull you into objects like JEEPS (right jaba)!!  


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