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Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: Another chicken sighting
« on: July 11, 2006, 01:06:10 pm »
My Molly used to have a chicken just like that.  It was one of the toys she LOVED but alas no more toys with fabric cause fabric has seams and Molly has a knack of going right to the seam and ripping it apart in record time. 

Her other talent is squekers.  She can kill a squeaker faster than anything I've ever seen.  Either she just chomps down on it and destroys it or pokes a canine tooth right in the exact spot and pokes it in. 

So Molly is only allowed hard toys and tennis balls without squeakers and seams.  I couldn't afford to keep her in soft toys and squeakers. 

It's sad cause she loves her soft squeeky toys.  I even tryed a tuff toy that a tiger chewed on.  Well let me tell you, my Molly can tear it apart. But I do confess it lasted longer than the others. 

Thanks all.  When they are together they really do 'go together' well.   

OK. OK... here's a pic of Molly at Christmas in a chair, a picture of Molly close up, and a shelter pic of Murphy who was since given an amature haircut. I wish they hadn't! ¬  More to come later.

Murphy and Molly were both born May 2005.¬ 
Murphy's picture was from 2/2006 and I'll get an update soon.

The last two are from tonight. I changed my avitar to a pic I got this evening of Molly & Murphy.  And here is one of each.  As I said earlier, Murphy needs a new hair cut and some growing out and some whiskers but I still think he's 'handsome' just the way he is.  Molly is camera shy but I got one when she wasnt' expecting it. 

Both needed a good brushing and cleanup but it was rainy and wet.  But we love them just the same...kinda like you still love your spouse in the am...:)

Molly's (named by me) body shape really looks like a black lab with some wiry hair.  She's very low maintenance but needs brushing daily cause she sheds so there is house maintenance.  She's the bull in the china shop. The instigator to ruffhouse inside. She's all wiggles and licks (hugs and kisses to humans) I love her to pieces! 

Murphy's (named by my husband) body shape looks more like a standard poodle with wavy poodle hair (no curls). A tall lanky boy. No one would take him for a retriever.   I had someone ask if he was a wolf hound or greyhound mix.  It's his shaved pointed nose.  He needs a mop of whiskers. Can't wait until he grows out. He'll never get a poodle cut but he will need (and get) regular groomin.  He's low shed but higher maintenance. A very sweet gentle well mannered boy.

I feel very lucky to have them both.

I will post pictures very soon.

They are great dogs but sometimes I think they are wierd.  They are both mixes of so called water loving dogs.  They both have webbed feet.   But they both avoid the lawn sprinkler, they won't sit in the little pool. Murphy stands outside and drinks. Molly stands in it and drinks.  Neither will sit in it. I tried spraying them with a mild (not forceful) hose on a really hot day and they didn't like it. Both are OK with baths. Go figure.   ???

read prior post with size and color info

Molly and Murphy are tall enough to look what's on the table and if it's close to the edge...and edible...well then of course it was left there just for them. 

They don't jump UP to get stuff but they could reach the island if they wanted to.  We don't encourage jumping in the house and they are  very good. They don't realize what they COULD do and we're VERY lucky they are well behaved. 


MOLLY (lab + std poo- very black)
MURPHY (retriver +Std poo- creme/golden)

pictures very soon!

Pictures coming.¬  The rescue gets groomed Thursday. Currently, he's not 'presentable'. Like to show him at his best you know.¬  He's going to get quite a hair cut to start cause he has some mattes.¬  I have a picture in my head of what he'll look like when he has hair & whiskers again...gorgeo us.¬ 

Molly my labmix must think I'm going to shoot her when I get a camera out. She's so camera shy but I think I can get a shot of them together soon when they aren't looking¬  ;)

Glad to find this forum.  I have two big dogs. Both are standard poodle mixes.  female labmix (65 lbs) ,other is a male golden retriver mix  - (recently rescued s/b 50+ lbs ;he's tall and skinny and only 47 right now.)

PLEASE don't call them doodles!  I didn't get them because they were doodles (or pay that price!) but because they were adorable and needed homes. Both shed so they were the 'unwanted'. 

They aren't big to some of you I'm sure but they are big to me. And my food/treat bill shows it. And the back yard presents prove it.  :)   

They are the best of friends to each other and to me.

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