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To whom it may concern,
> Notification of adoptable Military Working Dog Rudy / C013
> > Robins AFB has a 10 yr old Belgium Malinois that is up for adoption. We would prefer to adopt him out rather than euthanize him. He is a really fun and energetic dog.  He has numerous deployments and TDYs under his belt, so he truly is a war veteran. He is older (whelp date April 98) thus trying to find nice relaxing suitable home where he doesn?t have work only relax.
> Description of MWD Rudy / C013 ---
> Military Working Dog(MWD) Rudy/C013 is a 10 year old Belgium Malinois who is trained as an Patrol Explosive Detector Dog (PEDD). MWD Rudy has been medically classified from CAT I to CAT II. Rudy can no longer effectively and consistently perform his patrol duties due to his non-reversible medical condition. MWD Rudy has been diagnosed by the US Army Vet service with Bilateral Coxofemoral DJD (chronic hip pain).  His chronic, progressive, and severe medical condition renders him incapable of performing his assigned  mission requirements in the United States Military and to our unit. Along  with him not being fit to accomplish his patrol dog tasks, his detection  abilities have diminished as well. Rudy still has the desired behavior to  perform both function, but due to his deteriorating health, his body can no longer keep-up with the physical demands of our missions. It is the opinion of our commander with final advice from our Veterinary Officer, that  continued training and utilization of Rudy will only accelerate his medical  condition to the point where he will be subject to unnecessary pain and suffering. Rudy's current medication consists of Cosequin and Deramaxx twice  daily. 
> MWD Rudy/C013 temperament is suitable for adoption due to him not showing any aggressive behavior  to women, children or other animals. Rudy does not have any history of being over-aggressive or territorial.   
> Any Question, Comments or Concerns please contact:
> SSgt Keith M. Wozniak at DSN: 478-926-2697, Cell: 478-919-4494 or Email:
> or
> SSgt Shawn M. Kaup at DSN: 478-926-6992, Cell: 478-550-0892 or Email:
> <> 
additional info:
Rudy still has a desire to play, but only for a limited time. He has problems with his hips, he has served a long time in the military environment.  His medication will run about 350-400 dollars a month.   Any other questions you may have, I will be glad to answer for you. 
SSgt Keith Wosniak

Big Dogs with Jobs / THERAPY DOG?
« on: December 18, 2008, 09:22:51 am »
Hi all.  My Murphy and I just passed our Delta Society Pet Therapy team test last weekend.  We'll start visiting a nursing home officially in January (but we've been to the one where my mom is so I already know Murphy is great at it!

Just thought I'd try to connect with some other BIG therapy dogs...not those little lap dogs!

This was new to me!
I got family mailing labels here- www.familylabe
 with little pictures to include my 3 dogs.  Way cute!  Mom , Dad and 3 dogs with icons for each. You can customize them to pick faces, skin tone, hair style, hair color , glasses for the people, dog type, dog color and really get close.  Then put names under each one.  Check it out. They're really cute.  I got a Christmas card from someone who has this (with all kids) but I got all dogs!

Merry Christmas! 

FAQs about puppies / Something about a dog….
« on: December 11, 2006, 08:33:42 pm »

There’s something about a dog when it looks at you ….and you know ….that they know…. you’re their person!  Being a dog’s person is quite an honor! When your dog doesn’t run away from you and would rather stay near you.  When your dog could do something else but they choose to stay near you.  When you think that your dog thinks you’re the best….it’s pretty great…if you ‘know it’…you feel like the luckiest person on the planet.  Getting that look & trust from a dog is as meaningful as getting engaged  to be married    Nothing is ever the same again.  It’s  trust and promise and future.  When you get that from one dog or a pack …you feel pretty special and proud of yourself!  And now you owe them everything in your power to provide.

I can’t tell them that I promise I’ll always be there for them in everyway. I can only show them – each and every day.  With every action and touch for the rest of their life.    I promise they’ll always have good food. They’ll always have shelter (and a spot on the end of the bed sometimes!).  They’ll have regular grooming and baths..just enough  ..not too often.  They have the best health care I can afford (and even when I can’t).  I will never put them in the care of someone I don’t know enough to trust with their lives.  I’ll be there for the rest of their future. They will never be homeless or thrown out or abandoned. If something happens to me, they are going to be taken care of.   They get to go on long walks and interact with their world.  My world is their world.  We’ll see it together.

When we need to leave them they know we’ll be back soon. It’s never very long. They trust that we’ll always do the right thing.    I appreciate so much that they go into their cages without any fuss. That ‘trust’ thing again.   They are so happy to see us when we get home.  Not just to get out of their ‘compound’ but to see us!  A jump and lick and wag all saying   ‘glad you’re home’ and they jockey to be the first and closest to our hands for a pet…then they run to the door. 

They live for today. For now.  If you screw up, they’ll forgive you tomorrow.  But  you don’t want to screw it up. You want them to remember.  Someday when they cross that bridge you want them to remember and wait for you to get there so you can do it all over again.  Because it wouldn’t be heaven without our dogs. 

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Dog afraid of camera....
« on: July 18, 2006, 01:41:28 pm »
I have had Molly for 14 mo and have very few pictures.  Those I have were taken when she wasn't expecting it.  She doesn't like the sound of the zoom lens opening so I try to do it ahead of time out of ear shot.  Then she doesn't like it when I put the camera in front of my face.  I'd love a family picture. 

I can get outside pictures when she's playing but I'd love a group shot of the family.

I've let her sniff the camera and she doesn't like the smell. It's digital. Go figure.  I can't.  Any ideas?


This is where we got our Murphy from.  They do great work.  Murphy was acquired by Circle Tail from a family that had to give him up.  Murphy was put into a 'cell dog' program then into a foster home.  He came trained!  Can't beat that! 

There are labs, St. Bernards, GSD, big dog mixes,adults, young and puppies.

Check it out and pass it along.

Glad to find this forum.  I have two big dogs. Both are standard poodle mixes.  female labmix (65 lbs) ,other is a male golden retriver mix  - (recently rescued s/b 50+ lbs ;he's tall and skinny and only 47 right now.)

PLEASE don't call them doodles!  I didn't get them because they were doodles (or pay that price!) but because they were adorable and needed homes. Both shed so they were the 'unwanted'. 

They aren't big to some of you I'm sure but they are big to me. And my food/treat bill shows it. And the back yard presents prove it.  :)   

They are the best of friends to each other and to me.

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