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Way overdue, but thanks for the advice.  We did find a cute little girl, Daisy.  We think she's a weimaraner/pittbull mix. 

We really love her.  Unfortunately we are now looking for a new home for her.  About 2 weeks after we had her she attacked Casper.  She has since attacked him 5 times.  They are pretty ugle fights, and I am afraid one day I won't be able to break them up.  Her triggers are food - not dog food just people food, and when she's on lease.

We found that if she't not on a lease (and no food around) she is great with other dogs.  Loves them.  If she's on a leash we just never know if she'll be nice or turn into Kujo.  Anytime I have food,the dogs have to be outside.  The problem is, I can't constantly worry each time I come in with groceries, or go to the kitchen for a snack.

She is great with people! (half the time she's great with dogs) and really good with little kids.  She's a lover, always licking, and wagging her tail.  She loves playing ball.  She sits, stay, comes anytime you call her, always anxious to please.  We think she needs a single dog home.

Anyway, if anyone has any advice to solve her issues, or find a good home, let me know.  I refuse to take her to a shelter, so she's with us until we figure it out.

We have a 14 month pittbull, Casper.  He is very social with people and other dogs.  He has lots of energy, and loves both indoors and outdoors.  We want to get a second dog.  Our number one priority is picking a breed (or mixed breed) that will have a better likelyhood of meshing well with Casper.  I am looking for a dog that is social with other dogs, and loves water.  We really like large to extra large dogs as well.  Any suggestions?

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