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Border Collie Discussions & Pictures / New To This... HELP!
« on: March 25, 2007, 05:33:29 am »
I just got a border collie puppy! (Seamus) It is all very exciting, and he has a wonderful temperment, but my only problem is with house training him! Of course a puppy is going to have accidents in the house, but i take him out and i wait... and wait and wait. Seamus gets... well, distracted. He must be thinking, "GASP* a car!!!!, wow, look at those geese, OH MY GOSH A PINE CONE!!!" I wait out with him until i decide he def. isn't going to go. I take him back inside, unhook his leash and he RUNS right down the hall and lets it all go! Please! someone give me some tips on how to train him right!!!!

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