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Breeding Questions & Information / Please help
« on: January 16, 2009, 08:31:03 am »
Sorry if I have this in the wrong board. Wasn't sure where to post it.
I have been researching different breeders (Bernese Mountain Dogs) for what seems like forever now. There are just so many out there I just can't decide who is a good breeder and who isn't. I do want to get into showing, but am not sure if will work out. I don't want to pay an extra cost to have a show pup and then not be able to. (why do some breeders make a higher price for a show pup??) Plus, if I was to be able to show and the dog did very well and was very healthy, I wouldn't even mind starting my own breeding.
Maybe I am being too picky, but I really don't consider that a bad thing. If I do get into showing, I want a breeder who shows and can help me out. Even if it is just by email since I don't live very close to really anyone. At least having contact with the breeder and discussing things would be great.
I also want to find a breeder who has the same mentality as myself in the ways of breeding. I think a dog should have a hip/elbow rating of excellent or good to be bred. I know other breeders don't feel this way. And also have clear eyes, heart and of VW. Am I wrong to expect all this?
I would love some thoughts and help. I think I am getting myself more and more confused the longer it takes me. I feel like I have contacted almost every Berner breeder in the world. lol.

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