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Collars, crates, & other cool things / New Dog Bed
« on: July 10, 2008, 10:32:35 am »
I am looking to buy a dog bed for TINK. I want one that will fit her when she is grown. She is pushing 90lbs now and she is about 6-1/2 months. I want something durable, maybe denim? and easy to clean. I would love to personalize it too. I would love suggestions to narrow down my search.

Food Discussion & Information / Innova or Eagle
« on: July 07, 2008, 07:52:51 am »
OK, I have done some internet research. ( Not that I am an expert nutritionist) I will be switching from Canidae to either Eagle or Innova. Who has used them and is one really different than the other? Is it just a price thing? I really liked what Eagle had to say about their product on their website, but I know a lot of you use Innova. Eagle emailed me and they do have a rebate program. Any more advice would be appreciated.

Is there a big difference between Eagle Premium and Eagle Holistic?

I have been thinking about adopting another dog, to keep TINK company while I am at work and to help "wear her out" and expel some of her endless energy. If I could I would have 100 just like her.

Financially we can afford it and we have plenty of room outside, but my husband is not crazy about the idea - I am working on him though.

I know most of you have multiple dog households, are two easier than one? Other than the obvious financial costs and extra poopy pick up in the yard.

I origianlly was going to wait until she was a year old and then maybe adopt a young adult dog. Two puppies in the house of her size would definately be too much with me working full time.

I need advice, share with me your pros and cons of multidog living and adjustments. I know for sure the cat will run away from home! lol.

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Tink is at the vets.
« on: June 20, 2008, 06:24:23 am »
I dropped TINK off this morning at the vets to get fixed. It was really hard to leave her there. I love my vet and trust him totally, but I had to put my beloved basset down this past January (12 yrs old) and still have bad memories.

I am sure she will be just fine. My vet actually does a pre-op blood test to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary going on and that the dog can handle the anesthesia, but I worry about my big girl. She hates cages, so I am going to go pick her up as soon as they will let me.

Anyway, keep her in your thoughts today and cross your paws for her - it couldn't hurt.

Mixed Breed Pictures / TINKS GRADUATION
« on: May 29, 2008, 10:49:08 am »
I wanted to give a little update on Tink. She graduated her basic obedience on 5/20 and is working on her canine good citizenship certification so she can become a certified therapy dog. I was really proud of her. After that bad dog food incident she really hasn't been feeling up to snuff, but she aced her test. I am sooo proud of her. In addition she and her canine friends (people I work with and their dogs) raised over $1800 for the Dayton Humane Society's Furry Skurry last week. Here are some updated picts for you.
P.S. I wanted to thank everyone on their advice about the dog food. She has been switched over to Canidae All Life Stages for about 2 weeks and is doing great. I have continued feeding her some homemade rice mixture with it during her transition. She absolutely loves it and is obvious she is feeling much better. Thanks everybody!

I haven't met any kom people yet, so I need your advice. Something odd is happening with Tink's coat. Her regrowth, that is coming in white and wavy is fine but it is starting to break off there. The black "fuzzy" is coming off and her new growth is left behind but only about 1"-2". It is pretty much just on top of her back so far mostly between her shoulders.Is this a normal shed for LGD? She had a bad batch of dog food and was sick a couple of days and I hope the two are unrelated. I am going on vacation next week and I don't want to worry about her while I am gone. I am trying to get her into the vet this week before I go, just for peace of mind.Any experience/advice is appreciated.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Bad Dog Food???
« on: May 13, 2008, 01:40:07 pm »
Tink threw up twice yesterday. Once shortly after I got home and she began her second feeding and again in the middle of the night. It looked like regular dog food. I have fed her IAMS Smart Puppy Large Breed since I got her but I just bought a new bag two days ago. Do you think it could be a bad bag? I normally wouldn't suspect, but Brittany (I girl I work with) feeds it to her lab and he is 1 yr old and the last bag she bought he refused to eat. They had to take him to the vet because he wasn't eating at all. The vet told her to buy another bag and she did and he eats it now. She sent a sample to IAMS and they never responded one way or the other, but she got a coupon for a free bag. She has since switched brands. Anyone else had trouble?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / More Picts of Tink
« on: May 13, 2008, 11:31:11 am »
Here are some of Tink's baby picts from the first day I brought her home.

Komondor Discussions & Pictures / New to Koms
« on: May 12, 2008, 11:00:53 am »

Hello All

I am a new kom owner. I adopted a black lab/kom from a local shelter. She looks just like a kom but she is black with white toes and a mask. Her roots are coming in white though, so she may change. She was 8 week when I adopted her and she is now 5 months old and over 60 lbs and growing astronically. Her coat is like "cotton" and naturally seperates, but I an not interested in letting it cord (too much maint). I have gotten conflicting advice on grooming for the summer. If anyone has any useful tips let me know. Here is her pict. Her name is TinkerBear, or TINK for short.

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