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Alaskan Malamute Discussions / Mals and Shelties
« on: October 24, 2008, 12:13:05 pm »
I just took on a 4 year old female malamute. She was intact and shortly went into a short heat due to stress and an infection. She had a lot of stress because she was my cousin's who recently died and was suddenly ripped from her home to a new one.

I know that some mals do not like small breeds of dog. When I first introduced them to my group.... she was okay with only my sheltie (7yr. old female, altered). When she went into heat, her acceptance turned. They had a couple minor squabbles... one due to food that was mistakenly left of the floor (I knew better... the sheltie is a food-a-holic). Nothing big, pulled apart easily and neither had any harm. I separated them and after that, the mal looks at her like prey through a gate. Even after the heat seems to be over (like I said it was not normal, she already had a heat cycle earlier in the year), she still acts like she is just a good morsel or after dinner mint.

My question is... could the heat have triggered some female/female aggression? After spaying, do you think it can be easier to resolve (please understand I know I have work ahead of me... the sheltie does have an attitude :) )

Now, I am not too worried at this point, but am looking for perspectives so I know where to go as things go along. I've only had her for less than a month and have quite a lot of work to get her into my pack and knew it would be a slow process...

Just some more fyi... She is fine with my dobie (10mo. pup, male, unaltered), and sometimes is good with my weim (11yr. old male, altered) so they are also separated until I am sure she is no longer nervous with him.  No fights there, but I have seen her give signals that she is still a bit nervous.

Thanks for reading..

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