Author Topic: Argh !! I am a bad Furkid Mommy ! ! MATTS!  (Read 16324 times)

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Re: Argh !! I am a bad Furkid Mommy ! ! MATTS!
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2006, 01:45:15 am »
Thanks   ;)

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Re: Argh !! I am a bad Furkid Mommy ! ! MATTS!
« Reply #16 on: September 05, 2006, 12:37:47 pm »
Hello gang...

Is there any such home recipe for detangler/loosen matts. ???

I really hate to shave her... shoot...shoot. ..
It is so close to her skin.¬ 
She got matts on her neck from her collar.
I cut some with sissors, and combed out some. BUT she doesn't want me to touch her tail feather, and butt.

Is human hair conditioners safe to use on dogs?

I knew I should have bought dog hair conditioner, now I have to wait til nex pay¬  :'(

Any '2 cents' is greatly appreciated.¬  ;)

If you go to the groomer's (or you could get an electric clipper and shave out a "track" where the collar can sit against the skin and not mat the hair.¬  Also you can do the same thing in problem areas.¬  If she gets knots along her tail or maybe underneath, just shave that problem area out.¬  Keep it shaved out regulary and this will avoids mats.¬  You can use diluted Downy (which I think someone else mentioned-lol, I was a groomer too and used this technique:).¬  Also a detangler caled Glo-coat is a real miracle worker when it comes to combing out mats.¬  Get an undercoat rake and brush once or twice a week.¬  THis will help keep down matting.¬  Coat handler is another FANTASTIC conditioner for helping keep your pet mat-free.