Author Topic: How cuddly are Bulldogs? Do they like to sleep with you in bed?  (Read 17004 times)

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How cuddly are Bulldogs? Do they like to sleep with you in bed?
« on: November 29, 2006, 08:26:08 pm »

We were thinking of getting an English Bulldog, but before we do, we were hoping to find out how much they love to cuddle?  I know, unusual question but my wife is looking for a dog that loves to cuddle; that wants to take naps with her / us and wants to sleep in our bed at night.  My wife's preference is that if the dog can choose one place to rest, sit or lie down it would be on top of her / as close as possible and always seeks you out.

We had a King Charles Spaniel(which sadly has recently passed) that was supposed to be 'cuddly' like she wanted, but sadly it was not.  When my wife would cuddle with it on the couch while watching tv, it would start panting very very loudly to let her know that it preferred to sleep elsewhere.  It would then happily trod off to the guest bedroom for a quiet undisturbed nap and not reappear til dinner :)

Anyways, we meaning she :) didn't want that same kind of personality, so we were just wondering how cuddly you think the bulldog is, and whether they like to take naps and sleep in bed with you, and cuddle w/t you on the couch while watching the tube.

I posted this originally to the Newfoundland board, but after finding out that Newfoundlands aren't the most cuddly(they get too hot) and prefer to sleep at the foot of your bed rather than in it, her new favorite is now potentially Great Danes or a Bulldog! :) Thanks for your help, Bob
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Re: How cuddly are Bulldogs? Do they like to sleep with you in bed?
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2006, 08:36:32 pm »
I did a lot of research on EBD's when I was trying to find the right breed for me.  One thing I would consider is their health needs. They can have very bad respiratory issues becuase of their noses, and can't deal with huge fluctuations in temperature.  If you live somewhere that's really hot, you have to keep them in an air conditioned area all the time, and same for living somewhere very cold.  They are very lazy dogs, so if you have an active lifestyle, this dog will not be interested in participating to the same extent that your King Charles might have.  I don't know how cuddly they are, but since they like to sleep and lay around, I would think they would enjoy time cuddling. Be careful though about the bed. If the dog wants to get down, he/she might get hurt, as they aren't built to handle big jumps like that.

As a kid, I had Golden Retrievers, and they were very cuddly.  My Saint is sometimes cuddly, but it depends on her mood.  I hope this helps, but I would definitely recommend doing some research on the breed and their health issues.  Good luck, and be sure to post pictures when you get your new little/big paw.  ;)
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Re: How cuddly are Bulldogs? Do they like to sleep with you in bed?
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2006, 09:01:35 pm »
I second all of the things that Ang said about English Bulldogs.


Have you considered an AMERICAN bulldog? I had an American bully X, and my cousin has a purebred American bully, and I can tell you...THEY ARE CUDDLERS! My boy Bo was the single most cuddly dog I have EVER met. He slept with me under the covers EVERY night, cuddled on the couch, wanted to be with me always. However, something that you might want to think about if you consider any bully breed...

Cuddling can be sort of a way that a dog takes "ownership" of you. This isn't really a big deal with say...goldens or labs, but with a bully breed you really want to make sure that YOU have control of the situation. For example, allow the cuddling, but only when YOU (or your wife) invite the dog into the bed or onto the couch. Bully breeds can be very strong-willed and need a confident, firm owner. They're not necessarily for the first-time dog owner. Also, they have a TON of energy and will need more than just cuddling! They need frequent, brisk exercise. Good walks, swimming, catch, etc. Our boy Bo had to go to the beach twice a day and swim for an hour solid both times or he would be a nut-job. (running around the house, bugging you, just hyper!) However, if they get a reasonable amount of exercise, they're big ol' lumps in the house and will cuddle you to death.

I highly recommend American bulldogs, as long as you are completely aware of what you're getting into. They are one of my all-time favorite breeds and are clownish, funny and very smart. They're loyal and protective and if properly socialized, a great all-around family dog.

Good luck with your search and I'm glad to see that you're asking questions...ju st look into more than the cuddle factor with any breed, and you'll be fine!
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