Author Topic: HELP!! ACL questions SO SAD  (Read 12360 times)

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Re: HELP!! ACL questions SO SAD
« Reply #15 on: May 07, 2009, 06:44:55 am »
Buster is doing well...he is not liking to be so confined. But, is getting lots of love and treats when he takes his meds...he hardly eats, so I'm feeling good about his weight. He has pushed through his "chair fence" several times. I wish we had a big, old play pen we could take the bottom out of and put aruond him! But, we'll just have to give him more sedatives, I guess...

We are getting the hang of this...the potty thing is I mentioned, he HATES "going" by the house or on a leash. So, he will wine a lot, we'll take him out...he'll lay down. This will happen twice over an hour in the evening. Then he really starts to wine. And we are thinking, "MAn, has he been out too many times? Is he going to do his thing if we bring him out?" Then, just as we're dicussing it---GIANT poo in the house!!!! p.u.!!!! Did I mention GIANT???  :o :o :o This happened twice now...The second time was much bigger than the first. So, tonight we'll wait to take him out until he is REALLY whining and ready to push over the chairs to get out. I should mention, when he was a pup, he didn't poo in the house even once!!! And only peed a few times(lucky us!!!)

 So, Lin, you must have used the same surgery specialists?! They are great aren't they? I feel very confident in the care they give. And, good to hear your story. It makes us feel better that some one else had two ACL's out at the same time and are doing great now! We are glad it's happening this time of year so we don't have to go out in the mucky weather! Well, Thanks again! ~Holly