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P.S. Hair I can handle with grooming, bathing... My husband is a little sqweemish on drool.  I'd just like to be able to train down stay when we're eating to prevent the I'm soooo hungry drool river.

I posted a few months back. Still doing research. Would like imput on the best dog breeds for kids and cats by breed characteristic .  My is is 7 years old, and very animal smart & gentle.  My son is however, high energy.  I'm looking for a dog breed that is eager to please, and relatively easy to potty train.  I've owned german shepards, golden retreiver, chow, and 2 little black mutts.  The big dogs were always easier than the little ones, and easier to depend on.  The dog would be with me all the time and provide me companionship when my husband is at work, and son is at school.  I live in the suburbs/city area.  Lots of parks and places to walk.

Jody if you know of a breeder in Windsor Ontario area, rescue, or specific dog.

So it is definately more cost effective to own the stud and bitch... but, if I did this, I wouldn't want to breed too often, perhaps once or twice a year at most... only after the dogs are of a certain age, and only for a few years.  I can definately understand how this could get out of control quickly.  I could also see how this could be done ethically. I suppose if one didn't show, you'd have to be very active in dog welfare to show that you were not a backyard breeder or puppy mill.  You'd have to have really strict contracts.  Also all the tests, shots, vet visits+++ I like the standards shiloh shepard breeders use for example. Please pardon my spelling errors.   ;D


Hi.  I am looking for work in Canada with a breeder or boarding kennel/doggy daycare. Would relocate for the right opportunity. Looking for +25 to full time hours per week. Please write me if you are looking for an apprentice/employee. 


Hi.  I am looking for work in Canada with a breeder or boarding kennel/doggy daycare. Would relocate for the right opportunity. Looking for +25 to full time hours per week. Please write me if you are looking for an apprentice/employee. 


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / What kind of dog is this?
« on: April 11, 2006, 03:46:15 pm »
This link:

What kind of dog is this?


I think I've found a group of people just as dog crazy as me :)  I will for sure put up lots of pics!  One of the reason's I'm being so particular was because my Roxy, that I lost this halloween was such a wonderful dog, golden retriever.  I would like a different breed this time, mostly because I don't think I could ever have another golden that would be like her.  But I haven't ruled out getting another golden either.  I'm sure she'll be over looking my new puppy from heaven, and mothering it.

LOL about Since they don't know how to turn the shower on and refuse to use soap unless I'm with them, it's sort of up to me Grin Grin Grin to have them be sweet smelling!!!  that's pretty funny!   

Thanks for all the advice!  I appreciate it.  What dog is the most loveable and easiest to train out of all those breeds? 


I KNOW!  I totally disagree with my sister.  I don't know what  her problem is. Newfs are definately not like she says. 

About getting a golden,  my dog passed away on halloween, she was a golden.  A real sweetie.  I'm looking for a more mellow kind of dog than a golden.  Although I've met larger goldens that were extreamly mellow.

I'll tell you what I'm looking for in a dog.  I'd like a velcro teddy bear type dog.  The Newf sounds perfect for me, except I'm not sure about the slinging drool business.  Also, If I did decided on a giant breed I'd probably have to purchase an SUV to go with it. I'm thinking a used honda element type. This sounds like the If you give a mouse a cookie children's book... If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll probably ask for a glass of milk... anyways...
I have a 7 year old child.  Active but responsible and wonderful with animals.  We have a cat.
I'm a golden retreiver, german shepard kind of gal.  I've always admired the larger breeds.
I've thought of the purse type dogs as well, thinking it would be wonderful to bring my little one along to the mall, and share a burger in the food court of the mall.  But could a purse pooch handle a bit of burger or would that be too much to handle for the little one's tummy.
I love the large breed temperment, laid back, loving, huggable, children can lay on the while watching tv... and they like to be in the outdoors as well, not being total couch potatoes... but will calm in the house.  See, I really don't like the high pitched bark of little dogs.
Also, I know I'd go out alone more often with a large dog escorting  me. Living in Windsor Ontario, I do worry about walking alone in the park, but wouldn't with a large dog escort.
Can you recommend a breed?  Velcro, Snuggly, Huggable, Easy to Train like a golden, takes pride in being with humans like a shepard....
Also my sister says Newfies smell and are big & dumb.  I disagree having read the breed standard. She says get an old english sheep dog, she has on old english sheepie.
Talk to you all soon.
Anyone have instant messengers send me a tell to:
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Jody from Windsor Ontario

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