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THANK YOU EVERYONE for your best wishes and congrats! And thank you for the compliments!! I felt great after the birth... I guess it shows!! :-*  :-*

We are all doing great everyday it just gets better.
Titan is still adjusting its been a bit hard for him. He not jelous he's just out of sorts...not sure what to think of everything and everyone. He's known a routine for the last 2 years and then all of the sudden it changes; I dont think I could have prepared him for it! He is doing wonderfully with Troy he just fights sometimes for my attention. I do the best I can... he still gets his 2 walks a day and his play time in the yard and cuddling time has increased!! Anyone else's dogs go through any of this?? The vet mentioned that with so much going on eating was the furthest thing from his mind. He was eating during the 1st 2 weeks it was just here and there nothing like his 4 cups a day maybe 1-2 cups a day...but like I said everyday is getting better he is adjusting.  ;)

Thanks again everyone and don't worry the picture parade is not over yet there is much more to come!!!
Lots of Love
Adrienne, Titan & Troy!!

Thanks Patty!!
Can you tell.... that's his hungry face!! LOL ;)

And of course some more......  ;)

I know I know I am a bad bad mommy.... it's been almost 3 weeks and still no pictures of our little bundle.....SOR RY!!!  :o  :D

It has been so busy with everyone adjusting including Titan!! Troy is a marvelous baby he is so good! He has his moments but the rest of his days are spent nursing and sleeping. Everyday he changes and everyday we fall in love with him all over again!

Titan has taken a slobbery kiss to him... he loves him. The only thing is; Titan kind of stopped eating. We took him to the vet to make sure everything was fine and it was he is just adjusting. Sunday was the 1st day he actually ate both meals; and ever since then he has been eating all his food.
It was a big adjustment for him me home ALL day with him and then throw a baby in the mix it just takes some time but he is doing great!

Well.... without further a due I present to BPO Troy Andrew Preston......  ;D  :-*

Ohhhh I love the new doo!  :-*  I also love Harley what a cutie!! Great picts thanks for sharing!! :)

Remembering those no longer with us. / Re: RIP Tanner
« on: March 25, 2009, 01:28:46 am »
 :'( I am trying very hard to fight back the tears.... may you rest in peace sweet Tanner.
Please pass my sympathies to Lisa and her family for the passing of this wonderful boy.
Lots of love and kisses
Adrienne & Titan

Food Discussion & Information / Re: going grain free... need help
« on: March 24, 2009, 06:32:14 am »
I just love your boys! They are very hansome!
Dont worry about the eating part... I know I used to rack my brain when Titan would skip a meal. Try not to let it get the best of you.... Titan eats when he is hungry. This past weekend Titan decided to skip both breakfast's and just eat dinner. He does this every so oftem. Thats ok with me; its when they go days with out eating there could be a problem. Like everyone has said they wont starve... they sometimes need a good fasting to them back on track.
Keep your head up!! He will come around... Good Luck  ;)

I can realate! Titan does this to 2 dogs he does not get along with. There is not much I can do when they pass. He does the same thing as Sophie; jumps and barks and then seconds later we are walking on our way. I have a gentel leader halter that I use. I seam to be able to control the jumping much better with that! 1 of the dogs Titan does not get along with where's a gentel leader muzzel and he jumps so high it scares me!!
I also try a sit stay with him; with the aid of a treat and make him sit there untill the dog passes and then we go on our way. Most of the time it works!! Good Luck!!!   ;)

Just a quick note! Put a stop payment from your bank for that insurance company. It costs 10 bucks. It's WELL worth it!! The bank will stop the payment from comming out of your account. Hopefully you can get to it in time and use that extra time to negotiate with those "people"!!  >:(
Good Luck....  :)

10 I have been (8 months prego) knocked into the snow bank with a bloody nose by this dog and Titan HATES him! So every time we see him Titan flares up we just keep walking we don’t even stop anymore due to last week's incident; and we probably won't stop again! After these events Titan started to feel discomfort and that’s when we brought him into the Chiropractor.

Well of course, now it is clear. He's having sympathetic pregnancy and just can't make it up those last three stairs! :D
SOOOOO true!! Except if he was having these symptoms he would lay at the bottom of the stairs and cry like I do!!!

We'll take him, Our house is only one floor here and we're only about an hour away from you.  ::) ;D
He'll probably just have to figure it out for himself. One of these days he'll just appear at your bedside.
How about we move in..... I will have another little baby in about a month you can also help me take care of!!!  ;)

Are your stairs carpeted?

The stairs are kind of hard to describe but.... here goes
There are 3 stairs going straight to a 4x4 landing; you turn on the landing go straight up 5 more stairs where there are 3 pie shaped stairs making up the corner... then another 3 stairs straight to the top. He has a problem with the 3 pie shaped stairs he goes up them and then stopped at the last 3 and tries to stretch himself up them.... and then that’s when he leaps!
Hope that helps....  ???  ::)


Thanks you guys! Well after much persuasion he arrived at the top of the stairs!! It took Andrew and I about an hour to get him there. We just kept praising and treating and finally he leaped up the last 3 stairs! It was nice to have my buddy back beside me!
We have tried a leash but he gets freaked out and keeps running to the door like its walk time.  ::)
I personally think there is a bit of pain that is distracting him from getting up the stairs but the rest I have to conclude it's mental. I talked to the Chiropractor last night...we did some tests over the phone. Pressure points that she has shown us before and some hip tests. Everything seamed normal. She said because he was soooo out of alignment last week he could possibly be very tender.

We had a run in with a dog last week that is very ill-mannered and his owner lets him jump all over everyone.  It's a border collie - lab cross. He was jumping on Titan and I asked her to hold the leash while around my dog and don't let him jump all over him. She was okay with that at the time... now I have been (8 months prego) knocked into the snow bank with a bloody nose by this dog and Titan HATES him! So every time we see him Titan flares up we just keep walking we don’t even stop anymore due to last week's incident; and we probably won't stop again! After these events Titan started to feel discomfort and that’s when we brought him into the Chiropractor.

The chiropractor also recommend some type of pain killer for about a week to see if that will help his issue...if it does and he flies up those stairs.... we will have to visit the Chiropractor and the acupuncturist a little more often this month!!  :P  :)

Thanks again everyone and sorry for being so long winded!
I am also going to check out that Caesar Milan episode.... my husband goes "how long to you think it would take for Caesar to respond to an email!!"  ;)

Thanks Tina; I dont know what else to do.
I guess I will have to let him sleep downstairs;
it just feels so weird.  :(
I just tried again for 1/2 hour to get him past that point its like he just not ready to come all the way up yet. He hasent fell in that spot he has always been really good with the stairs it just all the sudden.... we will see tomorrow if he needs another chiro crack.  ;)

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Re: Cardio 501
« on: March 02, 2009, 10:12:20 am »
Sweet mama that girl can move!!! Its Lily the snow bunny!
I love the pictures.... some you can barley see her....just the blacks of her eyes!!!  ;)

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