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Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Update on Oz now 7 1/2 months old
« on: July 11, 2005, 04:55:24 am »
Hi All,

Oz is now 7 1/2 months old and 56 lbs. He is growing so fast. He is now taller than his sister Jessica who is 3 years old. He was de sexed 3 weeks ago. The vet called me and did not ask but told me to come get my dogs, I had left Jessica to be micro chipped. I got there and they both were singing to everyone along with the rottie in the next crate. He frighten my husband the next day when he dug up a piece of a stick and got it stuck in his mouth. Stephen could not get it out and we had to an emergency office visit to get it removed. Other than that he had no complications. Sutures out on the 4th of July and had his first run on Sunday the 10th. He is as good as new. Here is some recent pictures of Oz and his sister Jessica.


Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Jessica is now 3 years old
« on: May 21, 2005, 05:47:57 am »
:D Jessica turned 3 on Friday the 20th of May. She had a wonderful birthday week. She went on her 3rd camping trip (the first time in fall) and she got to show her little brother the ropes on what to do in a tent. We were only gone for 5 days and that was a week before her birthday but the week of her birthday was just as good. I got sick from all the smoke in the air due to buring off leaves,  so her dad was home all week taking care of Jessica and Oz. They got to ride in the car at least 2 times a day and lots of birthday presents came during the week. She got 2 new collars from the U.S. (1 is too big for her might have to be saved for Oz), she got a new coat, and got to meet 5 new greyhounds at a GAP meeting. Since I was sick with my allergies I made her blueberry muffins instead of a liver cake or apple pupcakes like I was thinking of doing. She had one human guest come over to watch Oz and her eat 3 muffins in less than 3 minutes. I have posted some pictures from her camping trip and one of her best boyfriend Piper.


Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Oz is a big boy now
« on: May 09, 2005, 06:05:49 am »
 :) Just wanted to give an update on Oz. He is now 5 months old and no longer looks like a puppy any more. He now weights in at 44.5 lbs and is nearly as tall as his big sister Jessica who will be 3 on May 20th. Here is some pictures I took on Monday May 9th.


Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Feeding a greyhound
« on: May 07, 2005, 05:32:47 am »
Just wanted to let you know what I have learned about feeding greyhounds. The commerical wet dog food is not good for them. I have been making Jessica and Oz's food since Feb. what I do is take about 2 lbs of chicken legs and thighs, I cook them in a slow cooker on low with enought water to cover the chicken, I add a clove of crushed garlic. You cook in on low for 24 hours. After 24 hours I drain the liquid and you can then you can use a potato  masher to mash the chicken and bones. The bones will crush down with the slightest of pressure. I then cook 2 cups of brown rice and add it to the chicken mixture, I put in a 1 lb bag of thawed frozen mixed veggies, in the U.S. you can add some canned pumpkin (good for loose stool) and add it all together. I sometimes get chicken mince and if I use that I also add a lb of hamburger with it and cook it in the garlic and water for about 3 hours instead of the chicken with the bones. I add this to the dry kibble we give them and they love it. I also give them a few times a month some canned sardines. It is good for the coat.  The food I make for them are all human grade. I get what is on sale and free it until I need to make another batch. This usually cost me about $10 but I get 4 to 6 lbs of food out of this. I feeze all but 1 container of cooked food and this will last me with 2 greyhounds a little over a week. Not bad when I have a growing puppy who is always hungry.  Oz the puppy even loves to have apple, plum, watermelon and nearly any fruit I am eating. The do not seem to like green beans. Don't feed them onions, grapes or rasins they are all not good for dogs.

Hope this might help anyone with a new greyhound.

Toni, Jessica and Oz's mom :)

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Greyhound puppy found a home
« on: May 01, 2005, 08:59:35 pm »
 :) Great news. We just found out that a home has been found for the 4 month old greyhound puppy that is blind in one eye. If I hear more about where he is going I will contact the new ower and let them know about this site.


Toni, Jessica and Oz

Hi everyone,

My greyhound group here called GAP-Australia has put up a notice that there is a 4 month old greyhound puppy who is blind in one eye. The owner want to find him a home. The problem is that there is a time limit, the puppy needs a new home by Wednesday the 4th of May. The puppy is in Victoria. From the infomation given to GAP he is healthy just the blind in one eye. So if anyone wants a greyhound puppy please let me know. There is no cost to get the dog. Once he is 8 months old and desexed you can make an appointment with GAP to have him tested and get his green GAP collar. The cost for the GAP collar is $20. You will have to pay to have the dogs shots and to be desexed.



Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Jessica and Oz
« on: April 16, 2005, 04:41:17 am »
Here is some pictures of my two greyts. Jessica is the adult and Oz is the puppy.


Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Jessica and Oz in Australia
« on: April 15, 2005, 08:36:07 pm »
Hello again,

Jessica is my little problem today. I think she is upset because I have been spending more time with Oz than with her. I usually walk her with my husband and I walk them. Oz needed more exercise so a neighbor has helped me walk them in the morning while my husband is at work. Since Jessica is good on the lead and Oz isn't I have been walking him. On Wednesday and Thursday I worked for 4 hours each day. Wednesday went fine because Stephen was home with them but Thursday was another story.

Oz was great because he was in his crate and could not do any damage. Jessica who I have never had any problems with went crazy trying to get to Oz who was in the front bedroom. I had them in different rooms because if they are in the same room Oz will not settle down and rest in his crate. Jessica has always been free to go into any room but the den. In the hallway is an door with glass on top, Jessica ( trying to get to Oz) kept jumping on the door and did some damage on the door and the frame. She also jumped up and got Stephen's heavy wool work jacket and my summer straw hat and tore them both up. I have not worked since that day, but will be going back to work again on Monday. Should I let Jessica go into the bedroom with Oz?

I don't have another crate, and can't afford one right now. I have to order it from Sydney and it would be $270, they don't have exercise pens here or if they do they are not available in Ballarat. I don't want to leave her outside because it is school hoildays and I don't want a child to come into my yard and open the side gate and let her out.

Any suggestions?

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Greyhounds
« on: March 08, 2005, 01:02:53 am »
Hi I hope you consider my two greyhounds as big dogs, they might not be as heavy but they are tall enought. My name is Toni and I live in Ballarat Australia, but am an American by birth. My husband and I adopted a 2 1/2 year old Greyhound Jessica in January. She is an ex racing dog and is a wonderful dog, I am so happy she did not run fast  We were thinging of getting another one for company for her later in the year. We heard about a greyhound puppy who is blind in one eye. Our last dog a sheppard X went blind so we felt that we had to offer this puppy a home with us. The puppy is now 14 weeks old, his name is Oz and he is the problem. I can't seem to find anything about greyhound puppies. I have had other puppies but not a large breed puppy. I can't seem to get this puppy to stop biting me, my husband and or other greyhound. I am trying to just use postive reinforcement but it is not working or not for more than a day. My poor arms are getting so scared up and we have only had him for 30 days.  He only really bites when he is tried or when he is over exicited. He has made two skin tears on Jessica and which I do not like, there skin tears easy because they have so little body fat. I am waiting to start puppy training with Oz, but there is only 1 positive trainer here who has a fence in area. By law here they can not be off lead unless they are in a secured fenced area. That is the only reason he has not already started puppy classes. He does not respond to "NO", "OUCH", and about the only thing that has had any influence is time outs where I put him outside. The problem is when I am outside with him and he suddendly runs up and starts biting me, even at his young age he has jumped up and bite me in the upper thigh. On Sunday I was sitting outside and he came up and started biting me in the shoulder, neck and upper arm. Jessica has started to correct him but I hate to see her take his whole face in her mouth. It has to do with him being blind in one eye. I know I should let her correct him but his teeth hurt so much and don't want her to get any more tears.  One problem we have is when we give him a chew toy, she wants it. It does not matter that we give her one too, she wants the one he has. So the chew toys only work when I have them in seperate rooms. I hope someone on this site might have some experience in greyhound puppies. I have tons of people who have trained greyhound racers but only after they were over the age of 12 months, and I don't like how they train them. So please any help you can give me would be wonderful.


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