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Medical Conditions & Diseases / Lucy's Toenails..................
« on: November 17, 2005, 02:59:26 am »
Lucy's doing pretty well lately, gained a couple pounds (many thanks to those that helped out on the satin balls).  I have another anyone familiar with toenails that break off to the quick?  One of Lucy's back paws is continually breaking toenails.  They bleed, are very painfull, and are very slow to heal.  The vet thought perhaps a fungal infection and last year the antifungal cream worked well but, this year it has not helped.  We have started with Tea tree oil.  Any suggestions?  Any doggie sandles available?

Great Dane Discussions / Johanson ? sp?
« on: July 29, 2005, 01:42:21 pm »
30 odd years ago my little brother played baseball with a couple kids whose parents raised Great Danes. They always brought at least one, sometimes two, to the games. Most of the time they brought a large fawn male (Zues I think), but I remember them saying they had one for every sign in the zodiac, plus a few greek and roman gods, plus some borders. Lotta dogs.......... ...... Anybody know of them? Long time ago but some of their lines must still be around........ .............

Just wondering..... ......

Great Dane Pictures / Introducing Lucy.........................
« on: July 28, 2005, 12:29:16 am »
As I've already posted a couple times, it seems I should introduce Lucy more formaly. Her best buddy Mutt is in some pics too, small paws-big attitude. Lucy loves him anyway, even more than bones.

Great Dane Discussions / Skinny old Dane needs to gain some weight
« on: July 27, 2005, 01:51:26 am »
Lucy's 12, got her at 2 1/2. Most of her life she's weighed in at about 115 (she's a petite Great Dane). Most of this time she would only eat one kibble (people food and treats are always welcome) and the food dish could be left full all the time and she never over ate. A few years ago she started getting fussier about her food, easily bored, had to change kibble or add scrambled eggs or steamed rice to get her interest.

Then a few months ago we went through bloat. After surgery it was bland food, soft food mixed with steamed rice. Then came the horrible diareaha, and the switch to low residue cans and kibble. It's been a struggle to get her up to 80lbs, and any somache upset send her back towards 75.

She's got very good vets, but they haven't offered much advice on getting her filled back in a bit. And we've gone through 2 bags of Eukanuba low residue and I'm afraid she's going to lose interest in it soon.

Anybody have some ideas? How do I get the big girl in touch with her inner labradour?

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