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Specific Website Information / TINY TRACKS
« on: November 05, 2008, 03:51:47 pm »

I Cant believe how much BPO has changed!!! I see bears mommie and daddy have bee working very hard!!! ;)Well I just wanted to drop a note and to all who remembers me I see the regulars are still around  ;D Im going to have to get back to my posting! Zima is doing great. Happy and healthy and ready to play as usual!!! What happened to the chat? I have ALOT of exploring to do!!!! I Missed you all!!!!! Nicole

WOW!!!! You have done so much with the site !! Thanx !! I cant believe how much I have missed.... Im going thru withdraw! My internet and everything should be back up in the next month or two.. I had to recover from the break in.... Zima is doing good and so are my human babies :) !! Everyone take care .... Im glad to see everyone is doing good ... I'll need updates on whats been happining in the past few months!! Look forward to hearing from everyone.... a BIG slobbery kiss from Zima and all of us..... Nicole

I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a sign of anything... I dont have the money to take her to the vet... Ive been gone for awhile because my house was broken into and we lost everything¬  >:( ... I have noooo money so there is no way I could take her to the vet right now ...Im really hopeing that there is nothing wrong with her..... they stole my puppy za'kara too.... everyone pray for her safe return ... please!¬  Im kinda lost ritght now... dont know¬  what to feel really. I know Zima has a really weird sound like she is clearing her throat or coughing.¬  Any sugg?

Akita Pictures / It must be puppy love............. awwwwww!!
« on: August 09, 2005, 04:03:00 am »
Every since we got our new puppy Za'kara my son Jason and her¬  are inseperateable ....IT MUST BE PUPPY LOVE!!! lol ZIma seems too like her too!!¬  Keeping them apart untill we know!

I have been just doing my same ol BPO addict posting and I keep noticing these lil changes !!! I love them ....has whos on line always been there?  But any ways keep up the good work .... we appecriated it!! Thanks!!!

THis might be my new baby? What should I name her and do you guys think her and Zima will get along because Zima doesnt get along with other dogs?

Anything Non-Dog Related / I made it I made it!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH
« on: August 06, 2005, 03:59:49 pm »
I made it Im a fulllll member!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH H!!!! WWOOOOOOHOOOOO OO!!! "dancing" look out im on my way up!!! Move over you hero's ¬ ....make room for me!!!! hehehehe

What time do you or would you most likely sign on to chat beta? I thought it would be nice to know¬  when people sign on to chat beta.... if we dont then we can start to sign on!! We can see the time that everyone would sign on!!!¬  Lets do it on cali time....¬  Have funnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! You can vote up to six times!! So pic the best times your on line!!

HOw do we become a senior member??? I cant wait..... Im on my way ... however you become one  ;) ;D So MAKE ROOM LOL

Okay my brand new baby Zima ( a year old) is rubbing her nose raw!! she has done this since the day I got her!! I dont know why she is doing it.... she has rubbed it to the point where it is bleeding!! It seemd like it itches her or something?? Its right on top of her noseand she justs nudges the floor all the time?? Poor baby I dont know what to do for her and she is getting blood all over my carpet.... not to much worried about that I just know it is driving her crazy!! What can I do and whats causing this any sugg..? ???

Meet & Greet BPOers / Is anyone in Arizona???
« on: August 02, 2005, 06:32:03 pm »
I need some friends!! lol Im in arizona by myself and would like to meet some people!! Anyone in the desert with me??? Besides the lizards and cactus..... help I'm lost in arizona!!!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Chat beta?????
« on: August 02, 2005, 06:28:33 pm »
Is anyone ever on there????????? ;D

I was JUST watching the news.... has anyone heard of the dogs of war? I didnt know this but there are over 200 working dogs over seas with our soldiers!!! They just held a fund raiser for the dogs because I guess 4 dogs were sharing a bowl!! The heat burns their pads of their feet! The sand gets in their eyes!!!  One guy didnt even have a dog a donated 1000.00 I thought that was neat!!! Just thought I would share!!

Food Discussion & Information / NEED HELP!!!! NEW DOG....
« on: July 31, 2005, 06:33:30 pm »
Hi I am a new owner of an Akita her name is Zima!!! I was givin her by her past owners because she was agressive towards their other dog. Zima was rescued by them fom a pet shop!! She is soo scared... of everything! People..shadow s..noises..she doesnt want to go outside! what can I do to help her get over this????

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