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Specific Website Information / TINY TRACKS
« on: November 05, 2008, 03:51:47 pm »

That is too funny!!! At least she didnt find the owner of the 40 in the bush with it!!lol Then you would really be in the ghetto¬  ;D

Thanks I am taking newpics just for you guys ........ The others are on my camera and I cantseen to load them !! So ASAP!!! misses you all!!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: chat
« on: February 13, 2006, 09:56:57 pm »
HOW DO YOU CHAT? I have been gone so long!!! I dont know my way around BPO at all anymore >:(

I Cant believe how much BPO has changed!!! I see bears mommie and daddy have bee working very hard!!! ;)Well I just wanted to drop a note and to all who remembers me I see the regulars are still around  ;D Im going to have to get back to my posting! Zima is doing great. Happy and healthy and ready to play as usual!!! What happened to the chat? I have ALOT of exploring to do!!!! I Missed you all!!!!! Nicole

Thx Jabear........ guys have done an awesome job on the site since Ive been on !! I see you two have been busy!! :) I remember when you was asking everyone what they would like to see done and you two have def. done it!!

   Nina How is charlies angels doing??? Sorry I havent been much help but I'll be back in the swing of things soon!!  Take care evryone!!

WOW!!!! You have done so much with the site !! Thanx !! I cant believe how much I have missed.... Im going thru withdraw! My internet and everything should be back up in the next month or two.. I had to recover from the break in.... Zima is doing good and so are my human babies :) !! Everyone take care .... Im glad to see everyone is doing good ... I'll need updates on whats been happining in the past few months!! Look forward to hearing from everyone.... a BIG slobbery kiss from Zima and all of us..... Nicole

thanks everyone!!! Does anyone know of any online vet sites?

I know knicker thats what Im scared of... she has all the sudden started getting all these moles everywhere! She has also started snoring when she is sleeping ... my friend told me that it was a sign of something but she couldnt remember.. So I came to the place that knows all!! lol Thank you I hope that is not it...was there anything  they coould do for your tyler? Thank you also... Im worried about my pittbull puppy Za'kara ... they have know idea who did this...I am hopeing she just ran out the door and they did steal her but she always will come home so I dont know ... I think they did.

just wondering if anyone knows if this is something I should be worried about? I wont have access long to a computer! Thanks

I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a sign of anything... I dont have the money to take her to the vet... Ive been gone for awhile because my house was broken into and we lost everything¬  >:( ... I have noooo money so there is no way I could take her to the vet right now ...Im really hopeing that there is nothing wrong with her..... they stole my puppy za'kara too.... everyone pray for her safe return ... please!¬  Im kinda lost ritght now... dont know¬  what to feel really. I know Zima has a really weird sound like she is clearing her throat or coughing.¬  Any sugg?

I just got Zima less than 3 weeks ago...her kast owners had her trained and she does very well but she hasnt been around children daughter is only two and gets scared of her ... how do I go about breaking that bad habit?

UPDATE ..... All is well for now..yeah...Bu t I do have a few questions maybe you all could help me with!! The new puppy is not agressive at all! Yeah and like babs said they are both still puppies and you never really know untill they are older....but  I am worried about Zima . She seems to be doing okay but she will not let the puppy walk around! She follows her through the house and stands right over her like she is testing her? Im not sure.... but she also nudges her and plays kinda rough. Will this last long? Is this something she may always do? I have also had problems recently with her and my daughter. Zima has grrowled at her a couple of times and will try to bully her for food and things? Is this because my daughter is so little? I have made sure she is not alone with her ....just to be on the safe side . The puppy also! Zima is so sweet and I love her to death ! It is so strange to see such a diff. in personality. Its like she is too diff. dogs sometimes lol! Any sugg.... and again thank you all for the earlier sugg also. That was all info that  I needed to know! I have owned pittbulls in the past.... they were always my fav. and Akitas are new to me. Like I said I have never owned an agressive pit so I have no experience with agressive dogs! Please help!  ;D

P.S. And even if I dont like what your sugg. are ... no hard feelings!!! No bursted bubbles lol..... I know I am out of my mind sometimes and need a reality check from time to time... we all do! lol...... I honestly believe that a true friend will be honest at all times and tell you the good with the bad! I may not always follow ( a little hard headed hehe) but I always listen.... and because you all where honest with me.... iknew what to look for and to keep my on!!  So thx again all!

Akita Pictures / Re: It must be puppy love............. awwwwww!!
« on: August 10, 2005, 02:53:39 am »
I agree.....I am so happy that everyone gets along!! I have a question fro everyone? As everyone knows I was worried about Zima and the new puppy getting along! Due to Zimas control issues  ;D....Zima is doing really well with her! I dont know much about Akitas or agression in dogs but zima wont let the puppy walk around to much by herself and she does this thing where she stands over her like she is testing her? I dont trust them alone so I take the puppy to my neighbors while im at work.... on the other hand ... zima is licking her and playing with her. I know Akitas strike without warning shouldI be worried?

Akita Pictures / It must be puppy love............. awwwwww!!
« on: August 09, 2005, 04:03:00 am »
Every since we got our new puppy Za'kara my son Jason and her¬  are inseperateable ....IT MUST BE PUPPY LOVE!!! lol ZIma seems too like her too!!¬  Keeping them apart untill we know!

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