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Food Discussion & Information / how much to feed?
« on: June 29, 2009, 10:15:04 am »
I've started feeding my two lab/golden mixes boiled chicken and brown rice - the hot spot issues have disappeared, and their coats are so shiny and they seem to have renewed energy (they're almost 9 years).  Buddy was about 10 pounds overweight, due mostly to lack of exercise (he's had knee surgery 3 times and broke his leg after the last surgery!  Can't run around like he used to!) I haven't had him weighed again since starting the diet, but he looks like he's lost a few.  My concern is this:  am i not feeding them enough?  I feed about a cup and 1/2 rice plus one piece of chicken (either drumstick or thigh) for breakfast, then about 2-3 cups rice and 1 drumstick and 1 thigh for dinner. They go crazy - Jake actually spins around like a little ballerina!  They gobble it up so quickly and come back to me for more.  I don't know if they're still hungry or if they just love their new food!  Jake weighs about 85 pounds, Buddy is about 95.  Any advice?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / TPLO
« on: November 07, 2006, 06:48:16 am »
My Golden/Lab is having this knee surgery tomorrow.  I'm nervous, even though I've done lots of research.  Can anyone give me some insight?

Amy and Buddy

Medical Conditions & Diseases / torn knee ligament
« on: September 29, 2006, 06:12:09 am »
Over the summer I came to you wise sages for help with a limping buddy.  The vet said beginning stages of hip dysplasia and a torn knee ligament.  Over the summer I tried crating him, giving him daily doses of msm/glucosamine/condroitin, fish oil, and vit. e.  (still doing that every day - can't hurt!)  He hasn't improved so I took him for a second opinion yesterday.  Definitely looking like the knee needs surgery.

I was given the name of a vet that is very reasonable, but want to know if anyone has heard anything about this person or has experience with her.  Would love your feedback.  The dr. is Wendy Rangel of Affordable Quality Veterinary in Beaumont, CA.

Thanks guys.
Amy and Buddy

Medical Conditions & Diseases / vet's diagnosis
« on: August 04, 2006, 01:17:04 pm »
I took my dog Buddy to the vet last week - he has been limping on and off for about 4 weeks.  X-rays showed beginning stages of hip dysplasia and a torn ligament in his knee (both on the same leg.)  I have some experience with hip dysplasia, my chow had it - we opted for surgery for her.  Would like to know if anyone can give advice on the non-surgical approach to the hip dysplasia, (weight management, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.)  Does this work?  And as far as the torn ligament goes, does that ever heal on it's own or will it need surgery also?  Thanks everyone!

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