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Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Seizures In Dogue de Bordeaux
« on: June 26, 2006, 12:58:58 pm »
Hey everyone, this is going to be long, so brace yourself.

My puppy had seizures (2 of them) just over 2 weeks ago. I rushed him to the Emerg.Vet and got treatment. He was pheno-loaded and then put on Phenobarb. 65mg twice a day. 10 days later we went to the vet for a blood level check and a booster on his lyme's vaccination. Beaumont had gained 10 lbs. by this time. The vet called his prescription in to a local pharmacy and I got it refilled never looking at the dose because I ASSUMED IT WAS THE SAME. The vet DIDN'T INFORM ME SHE WAS LOWERING THE DOSE!!

Beaumont went for boarding Fri and Sat. nite and I picked him up Sunday afternoon.We went from the boarding kennel into the car to go to the beach for the afternoon. Beaumont had a Grand mal Seizure on the way to the beach. I immediately headed for the Emerg.Vet. and he kept seizing on the way, never really recovering from the seizure before when the next one would start.

Beaumont kept cluster seizing all afternoon and into the evening, even with a vailum/glucose IV¬  :'( and yes, they gave him rescue doses of vailum to stop the seizures when they happened. Finally at about 9pm they got his seizures under control.¬  I was with Beuamont the entire time and we spent the night there.

After some discussion with the Emerg.Vet, I learned that our regular vet had DROPPED THE DOSE FROM 65mg to 60mg!!! This combined with the 10 lbs. weight gain is what I and the Emerg.Vet suspected caused the seizures to come on so strong.

At 8am I had to transport Beaumont to the regular vet so he could be weaned off of the valium IV. I requested¬  ANY vet other than the one I had seen the week before who had treated my dogue so carelessly (not to mention had said that he is an aggressive breed >:()I was informed she was the only vet on that day :( so I had no choice.

Well, when I tried to discuss the difference in dose of meds in relation to the weight gain and questioned why she did it, she literally blew me off and just said that Beaumont's pheno levels had come back within the therapetic range. I said yes, but at the 65mg dose, not at 60. She tried to change the subject and I informed her that I had the Emerg.Vet run a NEW pheno level test just to make sure that the new dosage was within the expected parameters and also that a Bile Acid test was being ran to check for liver shunts. The look she gave me could have killed Medusa!

I requested a referral to a neurologist because I feel that infection of the brain or brain tumors/lesions should be eliminated as possible causes of the seizures. Again I was met with a condescending attitude about what I felt best for my puppy!! FINALLY she gave me the referral and we see the neurologist in Madison,WI (I live in Stevens Point,WI) tomorow June, 27,2006

Obviously, I am NEVER going to that vet again, and have already researched and found a new vet that I'm VERY comfortable with.

And of course my breeder was contacted about everything as it has progressed and she is absolutely crushed-she views her litters (has only whelped 2) as her babies as much as we do. She is spaying her bitch and is very concerned as to how I'm proceeding with things, wants updates etc.

So here's the thing:

Anyone else ever have a Dogue de Bordeaux get seizures and also SO YOUNG?!! If so, how did things turn out- did the dogue have to be put down? or did you get stuff under control with the right vet and meds?

Everyone I've talked to in the Bordeaux community has never heard of such a young pup having seizures, and very few have even heard of a Bordeaux having seizures period! Beaumont is from good stock, not a puppymill- I found my breeder through the Dogue de Bordeaux Society.

I'm absolutely heartbroke that my puppy has to go through so much h*ll :'( and from what I've read about other breeds the earlier the onset the more grim the outlook.


Introduce Yourself to the Forum / My Bordeaux Puppy and Me...
« on: June 15, 2006, 04:10:37 pm »
Hi all! My name is Emily and I have a 6 month old Dogue de Bordeax puppy named Beaumont. I found this place while surfing for info/discussion groups about giant breed dogs and I'm sure glad i did!!!

Just wanted to shout out and say hi!!

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