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here is some more pics i wanted to share. here's Rosie, master of the dog smile. Rosie's smile fits her personality and her name exactly. she is one happy go lucky gal. have ya ever seen a smile that big?  ;D

Mixed Breed Pictures / Just wanted to share... Sleeping puppy pics
« on: August 03, 2005, 02:01:14 am »
hi all. i was just going thru my big file of doggie pics and found a few i really wanted to share. i love these. they are of my Aus Shep/Lab mix Lucy when she was a puppy sleeping on my son Jack's head. when she was a pup she slept all OVER the kid! and she has grown up to be the sweetest and CUDDLIEST dog i've ever seen. have never seen a dog that loves to hug and kiss and BE kissed as much as this little girl.

here is a story that was on the front pg of our newspaper thursday. has anyone else seen this? sorry if the topic over these specific laws has already been discussed and i missed it, but i just think this is horrible. it actually goes kind of beyond horrible, to me its rather TERRIFYING. that officials can come to our homes and take our dogs away from us and destroy them based on nothing more than how they LOOK? at an average of THREE A DAY just in DENVER? what on earth is going on??? and more importantly, what can we do about this? and if you want to see a very sad pic of a beautiful but scared looking impounded pit that goes with the story, go to

Dogs in hiding — critics
blast Denver pit bull ban

DENVER (AP) — A few weeks ago, two
police cars and two animal control vehicles
pulled up at the home of Stef’ny Steffan
looking for her beloved 4-year-old pit bull,
Xena. Seven officers hauled the animal off
to the city shelter, putting her on death row.
Xena became an outlaw after Denver won
a court fight and reinstated one of the
toughest pit-bull bans in the nation. Since
May, more than 380 dogs have been impounded
and at least 260 destroyed — an average
of more than three a day.
Dog owners are in a panic. Some are using
an underground railroad of sorts, sending
their pets to live elsewhere or hiding them
from authorities. City officials would not estimate
how many people might be violating
the ordinance.
Some owners, like Steffan, have won a reprieve
for their pets with help from a rescue
group. The group got Xena released by
signing an affidavit stating that the animal
would never return to Denver. The group
took the dog to Mariah’s Promise in Divide,
an animal sanctuary that has accepted more
than three dozen pit bulls from Denver.
For Steffan and her partner, Gina Black,
leaving Xena 60 miles from home was a
lousy option but the only one they had.
“It’s safer than animal control. Safer than
keeping her underground — at least she’ll
be able to play now,” Steffan said. “But
she’ll miss us. We’re her pack.”
Denver is one of three major metropolitan
areas, along with Miami and Cincinnati,
to ban pit bulls, according to Glen Bui, vice
president of the American Canine Foundation.
Pit bull typically describes three kinds of
dogs — the American Pit Bull Terrier,
American Staffordshire Terrier and the
Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But Denver’s
ban applies to any dog that looks like a pit
bull. The animal’s actual behavior does not
City Councilman Charlie Brown said that
in his judgment, “pit bulls are trained to attack.
They’re bred to do that.”
Critics of the ban use words like “annihilation”
and “genocide,” and the city shelter
has received e-mails likening animal control
officers to Nazis.
“Breed bans are just a knee-jerk reaction
to something that happened in the community,”
Bui said.
Denver banned pit bulls in 1989 after
dogs mauled a minister and killed a boy in
separate attacks. The Legislature passed a
law in 2004 that prohibited breed-specific
bans, but the city sued and a judge ruled in
April the law was an unconstitution al violation
of local control.
Critics of the ordinance say that a blanket
ban on an entire breed is misguided that the
law should instead target irresponsible
owners and all dangerous dogs.

Mixed Breed Discussion / Rosie update =)
« on: April 05, 2005, 11:22:50 am »
Hi everyone - just thought I'd post new rather than scroll thru all those replies (btw, thanks everyone for them!). We've been doing MUCH research on the info some of you gave us, and this is what we've come up with. We really think that Rosie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Great Dane/ Lab. The research we did on Ridges was ASTOUNDING! Not only did SO many of the pics favor her, but the characteristic s of the Ridge fit her WAY too well! With the Danes, she has some of those characteristic s as well - someone who replied to my first post said that when Danes mouth-fight with another dog, they sound like Chewbacca from Star Wars!  :D That is EXACTLY what she sounds like when she wrestles with her 'sister' Lucy! Plus Rose does look a bit like a Dane as well - I liked the member who talked about her daughter's Scooby Doo picture, that was so cute! We call Rose 'Spooky Doo' sometimes cause she's a big scardy cat!  ;D And even tho the pound told us she was full-breed Lab  ??? we think she has Lab in her least! So thats the final analysis on that.  :)

Now I have another question for anyone who wants to offer advice on the subject. Rosie, Lucy and my family are currently sharing our home with my parents, and probably will be for the next year or two. My mom has a male 13 yr-old West Highland Terrier named Captain. Captain and Rosie generally get along, but unfortunately Rosie has turned on him a couple of times, barking, snapping, lips curled and lunging at him. Each time, this has had to do with food. Not their dog food - they all get fed at the same time and there is no problem. It has been over completely random things. Once it was over them getting dog biscuits. Another time it was when Rosie stold an open tuna can off the counter, then Captain got near her. A couple of times it was when someone was eating in the living room, once being Super Bowl Sunday. We usually eat in the kitchen, and she NEVER pays any attention to us then, although the others beg. Since that has happened more than once, now no one eats in the lliving room anymore. Obviously, with the age difference and size difference, this is a problem. We try to anticipate what will set her off and prevent it, but as I said, it is often random things. Unfortunately, on the Super BOwl night, she cut Captain's ear and he bled. These attacks do not happen often, but we are just afraid that Rosie might REALLY hurt Captain sometime. Anyone have any idea why she does this? Also, if anyone can offer any advice on what to do about it that would be great too. Eventually, Rosie and Captian won't be living in the same house together, but as for now, we need to try and keep the peace! Thanks

Hello everyone -
I found this site linked from my Yahoo/SBC home pg. I just love it, and this is already my 3rd post tonight. Now, I LOVE really big dogs, but I am not sure if I HAVE one or not!  :-\ Maybe some of you can help me.

This is Rosie, and we rescued her from the pound last year. The poor little girl was just 3 mos old and was 2 days away from being put down! When we adopted her they told us she was a full breed Lab, just w/o papers. Well, we have come to realize she is NOT a full breed Lab, as everyone who has met her agrees that she doesn't look like it. She is actually taller than the typical Lab but not as stocky.

What I would like to hear is anyone's opinion on what else they think she looks like she is mixed with. She is 5 mos old in the pic of her laying down. In the other she is 10 mos old, and I don't know if you can see it, but she has ice on her whiskers! There is a dent in the backyard that fills up when it rains, and then it froze over. Well, Rose saw the bubbles underneath and started trying to catch them, found a hole in the ice and stuck her head in! Such a cutie!  :D

Anyways, she is a yr old now, and about 60-70 lbs. I know she may keep growing for awhile or she may stop now, depending on what breeds she is. Thanks for your input!  :)

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