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Rottweiler Discussions / Re: I may need a new home for Loki
« on: August 03, 2005, 08:09:07 am »
i really hope you can figure out how to keep Loki. but i know that things like this can be difficult.

we had a similar problem with a large dog and a small dog, but it was far worse. the large dog was actually ATTACKING the smaller dog, rather than just playing too rough. we were really seriously afraid we'd have to get rid of the larger dog (Rosie). i'll spare you all the details, but in the end we were able to keep her. what we did was really looked hard at the situation and figured out what things were setting off the attacks (it was mostly food centered). then we did everything needed to make sure the two dogs would be seperated during times when attacks could occur. we also were able to recognize behavior in BOTH dogs that might trigger an attack and we have an emergency seperation plan for when we see it. we keep a soft choke collar on the larger dog at all times so we can more easily handle her during those times. training has also helped in the situation, as well as a better understanding of pack order and how to keep it establshed (i read some books on it).

one specific suggestion i have is that maybe Loki needs it reaffirmed to her that you are the boss and not her. especially if she is a young dog, as they go thru periods where they test those limits to see if they can break them (just like human kids!). if you give her good training with specific directions to NOT herd and guard Foxy, the situation might be easier to control.

try not to give up on her. i've been there and know it can feel like the right decision sometimes. but i'm sure there's a solution. hope this was a help.

Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: Just wanted to share... Sleeping puppy pics
« on: August 03, 2005, 02:44:54 am »
thank you! but i think you got more introduction replies than you can remember... i'm jen! lol. not to worry, you're doing good to remember ANY names, this bunch is so big!  ;D

but yeah, looking at those pics almost makes me want to get another... almost! lol. i do miss those little round bellies tho, and that puppy breath...  :)

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: omg...
« on: August 03, 2005, 02:40:17 am »
lol... i can just picture the poor dog... trying so hard to be good that it was making him SHAKE! lol

oh, Gypsy, that is one gorgeous smile on the face of your beautiful princess, Arwen. i know you can't wait until you see that sweet smile again.  :)

here is some more pics i wanted to share. here's Rosie, master of the dog smile. Rosie's smile fits her personality and her name exactly. she is one happy go lucky gal. have ya ever seen a smile that big?  ;D

Mixed Breed Pictures / Just wanted to share... Sleeping puppy pics
« on: August 03, 2005, 02:01:14 am »
hi all. i was just going thru my big file of doggie pics and found a few i really wanted to share. i love these. they are of my Aus Shep/Lab mix Lucy when she was a puppy sleeping on my son Jack's head. when she was a pup she slept all OVER the kid! and she has grown up to be the sweetest and CUDDLIEST dog i've ever seen. have never seen a dog that loves to hug and kiss and BE kissed as much as this little girl.

sorry your poor baby is having so much trouble! our old family dog has allergies and the vet just has my parents give him children's benedryl (he weighs 12 lbs). he roots around on the carpet really bad with his nose and face when he's having problems. he never rubbed his nose raw tho.
once my Lucy's face swelled up really bad - it look so bizarre! she's an Aus Shep mix and she looked like a Chow! it was obvious something had bit her. we have her an adult's Benedryl tablet and the swelling went down. anyways, maybe your pup got bit? either way, i would think allergy med might help. our vet said its the same stuff they give to dogs. you might run out and get him some children's since he's a puppy.

Bills & Other Legislative Acts / Re: In memory of Arwen...fighting BSL
« on: August 03, 2005, 12:57:37 am »
oh wow, i didn't know about that site. my son and i have been sitting here going thru some of the pages and i am just CRYING. to think of all the poor sweet animals that are being put down for no reason other than, not just their breed, but for just HOW THEY LOOK even. those sweet dear faces and the loving families who are afraid for their loved ones. and what scares me too is that i have had a few people say that they thought Rosie could have some pit in her. under some of the BSLs, my poor baby could be taken from me and killed just because she has similar features to a pit, even if she isn't one. this just isn't right!

i'm going to put a pic up on the site too. thnx for sharing with us Gypsy.

ANKY - that absolutely sickens me. i've seen those 'homies' before around here too. but i had no idea about how they were portraying dogs.

in my town (Lawton, OK) there is a fairly bad gang problem and along with it, a large amount of dog fighting. its disgusting. you can see in many backyards of gang territory neighborhoods (we just moved out of one), rows of kennels all with pit bulls - looking underfed and acting very aggressive. i know that people who dog fight often starve them so that the animal is more viscious. we once had a beautiful pit wander into our yard, ribs protruding out horribly, battered ears, and just as friendly as he could be. we fed him. and fed him and fed him. the poor thing would gobble down anything we put in front of him. we finally put him in the backyard with our two Westies. he was afraid of the Westies! he was one of the sweetest dogs we'd ever seen. we started trying to find a home for him but couldn't. we contacted the local Humane Society and another animal rescue group, but they couldn't help us either. all these groups did at the time was find foster homes for cats~! both groups did tell us tho that if we called the pound, they wouldn't even adopt him out and by city law, would just kill him immediately. i just couldn't hand the poor creature over to a death sentence. and at the time, it was my mother's house i was living in, and she said she just couldn't have a pit bull living in her home (my mom unfortunately clings to her pit misconceptions and is afraid of them). she also said she didn't think we could afford him tho either. the poor thing had something wrong with his mouth and his tail, and we probably couldn't have afforded the vet bills. so finally, one night my father let him go. we all cried. we couldn't figure anything else out. fortunately at least he did just take off down the street, seeming happy to roam rather than being sad that we put him out. we never saw him again either, so i hope he found a home. a REAL home that is. there was a house of gang members just around the corner from us with pits, and we figure he probably had come from there. he was EXTREMELY starved, and yet he wasn't dirty at all, so it was as if he had been starved under someone's care. he was just SO sweet and a big of a chicken really, so if he did come from there, they probably threw him out because he wouldn't fight.

it just makes me sick that this beautiful, loyal breed is being used this way by some people because they think its COOL and the macho thing to do. complete idiots.

well as i said before you want to be heard think about marching on the white house an your state capital just like the million man march an mad mothers did they got heard an what they wanted we need to do the same its time for all pet owners to be heard  but thats something no one seems to want to do an one person cant do it by themselves we need to ban together to make it work

YES! absolutely! i'm all for it. who else is with the idea of banding together to form a group, organize a march, etc.?

and if we're talking about this, there must be MANY MANY others ready to do something about it as well.

these have been very lovely posts...
SO many things i will always remember about every dog i've had. the thing that will mean the most to me, i know, has to do with my two girls i have now. i've been more involved with these two than any other dogs. i raised them, trained them, take care of them, and have them with me almost constantly. because of that, what i will remember most is the BOND we share. its incredible. Lucy stays near me at all times. sometimes she walks with me, staying right at my side, matching her light little steps right to mine. if she backs off tho, she almost always has to be in the same room with me. she's part austrailan cattle dog and i feel VERY protected by her. at the same time, i feel as tho she is always looking to me to lead. its a very intense relationship. Rosie is more the clown, as well as needing a little more of her own space, but she still checks in with me throughout the day regularly, sometimes for reassurance or leadership, often just for plain old attention. with both dogs, there is this real EASE at which we seem to read each other, and with how we intertwine with each other thruout the day. the most touching of these times is when they will always come to me if i am upset, even if they have to find me and even if i'm not really showing it, and stay with and console me until i feel better. they just feel like such a part of me that i can't even imagine them being gone. when they are tho, i think what image of them i will remember the most is the pure love in their eyes.

and just to illustrate my point, Lucy has come and layed down on my feet as i'm typing this, leaning her head up on my legs...

(jeez, i hope i didn't get too sappy here!)

my Rose isn't even near as big as your sts, newfs, pyrs, etc and we still get remarks as well! the remarks i hear the most are about how much she eats and poops. i feel like asking if there's some sort of sensus going on that i don't know about that has to do with what goes in and out of a dog!

but what bugs me the most is when comments come from friends and family. before Rosie, i've always had smaller dogs. these dogs did the same things that Rosie does when company comes over - wag tails, get excited, a little bit of jumping (followed by 'no!' and 'sit!' usually putting an end to it), dancing about, wanting their attention. these same people never complained when the smaller dogs did it, but now that there's a bigger dog doing it, people act like its the worst thing ever. i hear about her slobber, her breath, her big paws (lol), her big wagging tail - you name it! i have one friend who refuses to come over unless i put the dogs out! and i have actually heard from two different family members that my dogs are 'running the house.' i couldn't believe hearing this! i would never be that rude to criticize another person about their pets OR how they're running their house. and this came from people i like too! so it really hurt! it made me feel so bad that i started to get pretty flenchy when people came over, holding Rosie back, hovering over her. it wasn't until my 75-YR-OLD grandmother was like 'honey, she's fine. don't worry about me! she just wants to be friends. let her go, i'll pet her head, then she'll forget about me and we'll all be fine.' after that, i felt like - TO HECK with people! if my old grandma can handle Rosie, then they certainly can too! funny thing too is, Rosie is far more trained than my smaller dogs ever were and so she actually listens when i call her down. i think people are just prejudiced when it comes to big dogs.

and you guys are absolutely right about size making people forget their manners and say whatever they want, because it actually used to happen to me as a parent! my son was a BIG ol baby, i mean just HUGE. his father is 6 ft 4, i'm 5 ft 8, and neither one of our families would be considered small people. so he was just a BIG kid! it didn't come from eating - in fact, he had a lot of problems keeping formula down and didn't eat as much as other smaller babies i have cared for. still, practically EVERYTIME we would go anywhere, i would hear from complete strangers, 'oo! what are you feedin that kid???" and just crazy stuff like 'look at them hamhock legs! i wana take a bite outta them hamhocks!" (???)(please don't eat my kid!) plus i couldn't count how many people would just ASSURE me that my son was goiing to be a linebacker! i HATED these comments, and it got so i almost hated taking him anywhere. today my son is 11 yrs old, 5ft 2, and weighs 135 lbs. except for a bit of a childhood belly left over, he's not fat at all, and most of that is just broad muscle. no, he never became a linebacker - instead he's an artist and a skateboarder. and do we hear any comments? no, but then again he has red spiked hair and wears punk clothes and combat boots. so maybe if you all just put your fur kids in spiked collars and chains, then nobody will bother you with anymore remarks!  :D

kelly, is that you? 

lol, my friggin sister ALWAYS LOVED mint chocolate chip BECAUSE it was GREEEN!  shes nuts lol

hey! your sister's not crazy, just has good taste.  ;)

Great Dane Pictures / Re: Introducing Lucy.........................
« on: July 29, 2005, 02:29:41 pm »
Lucy is BEAUTIFUL! just gorgeous. love the pic from the newspaper... those ears!  :D i have a Lucy but she'd prolly just about stand under yours. my big girl Rosie sits on the couch and chairs just like that, with her front paws on the floor and her rear on the seat. so funny looking. she'll stay like that for a long time too.

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