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Food Discussion & Information / anyone tried this food???
« on: January 02, 2010, 07:48:06 pm »
Hi everyone,
    I am currently thinking of switching dog foods.  My dogs are on a solid gold and wellness combo.  (long story) I've been doing research and found the By Nature food at Petsmart.  My 2 year old golden has a super sensative stomach.  Last month he was fed some turkey and spent 2 days in the vet hospital.  $$$ I was thinking of putting him on the salmon, ocean fish, and yogurt flavor.  Anyone use this food? (any of the flavors)   I'd really like to have some input.  I've googled "reviews" on the internet but can't seem to find any opinions on the food. The company has an excellent safety record.   

Golden Retriever Discussions / my golden oldie- need advice
« on: August 07, 2009, 01:57:20 am »
Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in ages. I joined the group a while back. We've been busy. I
just moved my crew to Utah and am in the process of looking for a home for us.
Right now we are (all 4 of us) staying with my parents. They are saints.
Anyway, with the move I had to change vets. Fortunately my mom also had a
golden (she just passed a couple of months ago). Mom's vet seems to be pretty
good, although they are a LOT more expensive here. So my other two goldens are
young and healthy, and I wasn't worried about moving them. Chase is a very old
guy. He is going to be 13 in December. About 5 months ago Chase developed
lameness in his two back legs. He would be walking and then suddenly his legs
would just freeze up on him. It was obviously very distressing to him. So we
went to our vet. Chase also has irritable bowel syndrome so the vet has to be
careful of what she prescribed. She concluded that Chase just had normal
arthritis. (although I don't know how it could be "normal" since it came on
soooo suddenly.) She put Chase on more prednisone. He was on pred 1x a day and
she upped his dose to 2x a day. He also takes metrinidozale.
When we moved here I immediately got an appointment for Chase at MOm's vet. I
aksed the vet about the sudden lameness. He said that is was most likely
arthritis and prescribed Cosequin and Rimadyl. This meant that he had to be
taken off of pred and he is now on metronidizale 2x a day for his IBD. I was
okay with Chase being taken off of pred, but I am not a fan of Rimadyl. Chase
has been on this new combination since the end of June and seems to be doing
okay. I don't know if the Cosequin is doing much. I know that there is liquid
glucosamin. I wonder if that would be better. I can really tell a difference if
I forget to give Chase his Rimadyl, but I still don't like the drug. ARe there
any alternatives? He still struggles to get up, and going down these stairs is
really hard for him. Sometimes I think that his feet will go right out from
under him. Unfortunately, my parents house has stairs to get down to the back
yard. I know this was a long email, but I just need to be certain that I am
doing everything I can for Chase. He really is my best friend. I know the
poeple of this group understand this. It is so hard to see your baby get old and
hurt. I just want to make him as comfortable as I can. To those of you who take
the time to read this monster email I ask you this question. If Chase were your
dog would you do anything differently? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hello all,
     I had a question about supplemening on EVO or any high end dog food.  Do y'all do it.  I'm specifically wondering about giving supplements for joint support.  I've got a 15 month old golden. He's eating EVO.  Just wondering if anyone out their supplements... .

Food Discussion & Information / going grain free... need help
« on: March 21, 2009, 01:00:50 pm »
Hello all!
     I have posted on Great Pyr board and newfie board but have not yet posted on this board.  I have 2 goldens.  One is a senior with IBD. His condition was being controlled with Solid Gold Holistic.  Now I've had to switch him to Proplan Sensative Skin and Stomach. This seems to be working for the moment.  The other dog is a young whippersnapper who is 15 months old.  I just switched my young one onto EVO red meat, large bites.  He has always been a very picky eater.  I was told not to put him on high protien until he was 1 year old.  Previously he was on California Natural and then Innova.  Now I've switched him to EVO because I want to build up his muscles. He is very lean and very athletic.  He likes the red meat EVO better than the turkey and chicken.  However he is still not eating it like I would like him to.  He is 70 lbs.  On the Innova he was eating about 3 1/2 cups of food a day.  Now he's eating 2 cups a day if I stand over him.  I was sure that he'd click his heels and thank his lucky stars that I'd given him basically steak on a plate.  But he hasn't been that way.  Is this common?  I really want to keep him on grain free/high protien to build him up.  I've even mixed wet food into his food and he looks at me with disdain.  I does NOT like his dry kibble to be mixed with wet.  Any advice? As you can see from the photo below he is very lanky.  His build is soooo very different from my 12 year old.  Incidentally, my 12 year old will eat ANYTHING.  This is the first golden that I've had that is picky.   

Great Pyrenees Discussions / miss my pyrs
« on: March 19, 2009, 02:04:50 am »
Hello everyone,
     I'm not sure that everyone knows me.  I have posted on the general board and on the newf board but I have not posted here.  I was the proud momma of a golden pyr mix who died of a stroke at the age of 10 about a year and a half ago.  I've also fostered for a great pyr rescue here in my area and have rescued a poor neighbor's pyr.  My rescue experience with pyrs has been rough. The neighbor's dog that I rescued turned out to be the love of my life and my biggest heartbreak.  He was a sweet boy, but would just freak out sometimes.  The mystery was solved when he turned 14 months old and one of his knee caps popped out of the socket.  He received surgery and recovered well.  However, about 3 months after the surgery his other knee cap popped out.  I had an appointment to get that one looked at.  In the meantime the knee cap that had be operated on also failed again.  When the surgeon saw him (I took him to a different vet) he said that the little fellow had the worst knees that he'd ever seen and that he was probably in constant pain.  That is why he was a little "wonky" personality wise sometimes.  He advised me to put him to sleep.  I agonized for a few weeks, but as Coop's pain got worse I realized it was the best thing to do.  He passed away in my lap at the age of 19 months old.  I still see his face, and I still cry about it.  Despite the pain that he was in he was my happy go lucky boy.  For months I couldn't get the image of Cooper lying ther out of my head.  If I saw a pyr I would burst into tears.  It was awful.  A friend suggested that I volunteer with a pyr rescue group.  I did, and I think it was the only thing that got my to accept and be at peace with Coop's passing.  Some of the foster dogs that I saw come through the group had been badly mistreated and were very distrustful of dogs and humans.  It seems to me that a pyr is like an elephant.  He never forgets.  I volunteered at some of the foster parent's houses trying to rehabilitate dogs with positive training.  It was very slow going with some of the dogs.  They were just so sad and leary of anyone of anything. 

About 1 year ago I started to miss having a BIG dog around.  So a researched several big, friendly type dogs.  The newfoundland hit the top of my list.  For some reason the stars have not aligned and I have not been able to get a newfie.  That's probably good considering that I'm still on the fence with the whole "high upkeep" coat issue. My pyr was very easy to care for.  Brush him twice a week.  If he got muddy let the mud dry and then brush it out.  Easy!!!  Newfs are NOT like that. 

So I turn again to what I think my heart is calling my to find... a pyr.  Now I am wrestling with myself.  I'd like to get a young puppy 6 months or younger.  I would also like to rescue the puppy, but then the issues I've had with temperment and health or back on the table.  This is my question to all of you savvy pyr owners.  Knowing the history that I have with rescyed pyrs... Is there a way to get a good pyr from rescue?  Or do I have to go through a breeder?  This last question just puts my stomache in knots.  If you go on petfinder there are so many pyrs that need homes.  It seems selfish to go to a breeder. However, I do not want a repeat of my history.  I also want a steady temperment.  My golden pyr was rescued at the age of 5 and he always had dog aggression issues.  I currently have 2 goldens and I can't tell you have nice it is not to deal with those issues.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Alert! Did you hear???
« on: January 21, 2009, 02:45:26 pm »
 Hi everybody,
    I don't know if ya'll have heard about the Peanut Butter recall.  The news is saying that anything with PB in it should NOT be eaten.  This includes dog biscuits.  Just FYI.  I've got to go check my cupboard.

Newfoundland Discussions / Sushi update
« on: January 19, 2009, 04:02:03 pm »
Hi all,
   I just wanted to give everyone a Sushi update. I spoke to the breeder this weekend.  She's coming to a nearby state at the end of Feburary.  I've had some complications with my old golden.  He's 12 years old and has had some nerve/spine issues recently. So I don't feel comfortable leaving him for long. At in rate the breeder is going to meet me in AR at the end of Feb.  I'll send lots of pics when she gets here.

Hello everyone,
     My name is Jennifer and I've been searching for a newfie for about 1 1/2 now. I want to adopt/rescue a young newf.  I've called all the reputable breeders and am in touch with both rescues in my area. Most breeders are willing to part with their adults to be finished in shows, ect.  I'm not interested in that.  I just want a great dog to be my buddy. The rescues only have older newfs.  Now, I've got a young golden and I know that he'd drive an older newfie absolutly crazy.  So I'm still waiting... until today.  There's a breeder that I've had the opportunity to talk to several times.  Although she's not in my area I've had the opportunity to meet 2 males that she bred.  Both were absolutely fabulous. I've asked her all the right questions and she checks out.  People in the local club here even recommended her when I first started my search.  Okay.. now to the really exciting stuff.

     She's got a puppy that is 10 weeks old right now.  Here's the catch... He has SAS, and it's level 3.  This is in the middle on a scale of 1-6.  His condition could get better or it could get worse as he grows.  I'm not experienced enough to know if this is too big of a risk, but I do feel like I'd be rescuing.  (He's in a great situation right now... not in any trouble at all.)  But I feel like he needs me.  What do ya'll think?

Newfoundland Discussions / waterer
« on: November 10, 2008, 04:10:08 pm »
Hi all,
    I posted here about 1 year back.  I talked to a lot of you about finding a newf breeder.  Well, I'm getting my boy sometime this week.  I can't believe it's happening.  I'm so excited.  So.. here's my question.  I have tried a big jug "bistro" waterer with my goldens that I have here but I've got one that likes to dig in it.  Now I use a rectangle crock and that seems to deter him a little.  I know that my newfie is going to want to dig in the water.  What do you all use???

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / can of worms
« on: December 10, 2007, 12:04:58 am »
Hi everybody,
     This is the first time that I have been on the golden message board.  I have an 11 year old boy who is still going strong and holding his own.  He is the joy of my life.  I was reading some of your posts and one stuck out to me in particular.  Someone was talking about training and training collars.  (Can you hear that????  I just opened a can of worms.)  Anyway, I am a 2nd grade teacher.  I also teach training classes at a friend's kennel.  In my experience, I have found that every living creature has a will of its own.  Find the desire that guides that will and you've found a way to train or to teach.  That said... I don't believe that pinch collars or choke chains are needful.  I have owned strong willed working dogs (great pyrs) and have found that the gentle leader and the easy walk harness work far and away better than the choke or pinch.  I have observed a very shy or timid big dog fall in on himself with a pinch collar. I've also witness a shy dog turn on his owner when a pinch was used on him.  I agree that pinch collars are seldom used correctly.
      Positive reinforcement, expecially on a golden "reward junkie" retriever, is the best course.  I like to think of the dogs I train as dolphins. No matter what breed they are they're all dolphins to me. Think about it you can't make a dolphin do anything.  It will simply swim away.  But if the pot is sweeten with fish then you've got yourself a working dolphin. Most of us can make our dogs do what we want them to do.  Our dogs are very forgiving and oh so tolerant.  When "swimming away" is not an option the dog will be forced to use what he can. This is going to be his teeth. So find your dog's "fish" and you've got a dog that will work for you without a pinch/choke collar. 

Newfoundland Discussions / Calling all newfie owners!
« on: November 02, 2007, 06:45:17 pm »
Hi everybody,
    I have been participating in the "I'm looking for a newf puppy" discussion.  Well, after reading a lot of your posts on this board, I contacted my local Newfie breed club.  They have been sooooo helpful.  I've decided to look for a young adult, because I believe that that will be the best fit for my Golden Chase.  I've put in an application with the club.  I've already heard back from them.  However, one of the members of the club suggested that I cantact a breeder that she knows occasionally places adults.  Last night I e-mailed the breeder.  To my surprise I was called today with a response.  Yes he does have a 2 year old, gray, male, newf.  The dog is 6 hours away, which is pretty close considering the location of most breeders in relation to myself.  Here's all the info that I have.  Of course I'm not going to give out the name of the breeder, but I need to see if the information I have rings true to other  experienced newf owners. 
     The breeder has been in contact with the dog his whole life.  In fact the dog has stayed with them when the owners have gone on vacation.  The owners are "rich" as the breeder puts it, but are getting a divorce.  He says " The dog is very smart, but not a dog to show."  He doesn't have "great bone or a great head". (I'm going off of my notes so the details are sketchy.)  He's not dog aggressive, which is very, very important to me. He's lived with yorkies and with other newfs.  He's clear for hips, heart, and cysternia.  (The breeder kind of laughed at me when I asked that.  In my ignorance I didn't realize that dogs with thet particular urinary disease die when they are pups.)  I forgot to ask if he was nuetered.  Are there any other questions that y'all can think of?  I feel like I'm forgetting something.
     Also... the breeder is willing to part with the dog for $600.00.  Does that sound reseanable to you guys???  I'm new to this.  It seems to me that the breeder has had the dog for 1 day.  I'll be able to go and get him fairly quickly if I decide he's the dog for me.  The dog was already sold once. W ???hy should he bring such a high price???  I'm ignorant.  The rescue newfs are $350.00.  I KNOW that rescue doesn't make a penny off of those dogs.  Many times they loose money on them.  $600.00??? Please tell me what you think.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / SOS- pyr in need
« on: June 29, 2007, 12:09:49 pm »
Hi everyone,
    My name is Jennifer Hair.  I'm new to the group, but I need your help.  I am a dog trainer who is volunteering this summer with a Pyr rescue group.  I'm training some of their dogs in the hopes of making them more adoptable.. Well the most beautiful female pyr has crossed my path. Her name is Jenny and she is a purebred 105 lb girl.   Her coat is classicly gorgeous.  She looks like a show dog.  I would guess that she is 30-32 inches at the withers.  She's a BIG girl.  She is smart as a whip and already knows "watch me", "sit", "down", and "come".  Here's the catch.  She's  a very dominant girl who is currently bored out of her mind. She's gotten into trouble with one of ther foster mom's dogs.  As a result she's living in a bathroom that is WAY too small.  (She has to back up before she can turn around.)  She does get a little yard time, but it's not enough to stimulate her.   A bored pyr is a naughty pyr.   I know that some of you must know of someone who wants such a great girl.  She is in the Dallas metroplex area and if she gets adopted by someone from the area I will continue to give her free lessons.  I can see her going on to great things... tracking, search and rescue, therapy dog.  She's just that smart.   As you can tell I'm quite taken with her.  I WISH that I could take her home, but I have my own Miss Priss who will NOT allow another female into the house.  Please, please, please send this on to anyone who you think might be interested.  Jenny is up on petfinder and I have included a link below.  The pictures really don't do her justice.

Thanks again,

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