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He backs up slowly and stands steadily, focused on his target.  He is determind.  He is suave.  He is the mighty conqueror of all.

He shakes his head from side to side with vigor, The sticky mud that makes up his shaggy beard soars into the air, attaching itself to floor, walls, and bar siding.  His body and mind are now refreshed, acting as one so that he may excecute the great task ahead.  His eyes are focused.  Confidence pours out of him as he begins to bound forward with ellegant strides.  His fur bounces in motion with each mighty movement, swallowing up his defined features with it's rhythm.  Just before he reaches his target he launches into the air,  tucking his powerful haunches underneath him with acrobatic grace. His mouth gapes as he anticipates his landing on the other side, paws outstretched to accomidate the great mass which is still airborne. He twists slightly as he lands and dances a little once he is secure again on the ground.  He has done it and he is swelling with pride - but no one here can know that this was such a triumph.  For they must think of this as the ordinary for such a mighty creature.  Afterall he is dignified and refined.  Powerful.  Graceful.  He is the mighty one!

Ok.  So this is totally the way I pictured Brutus going over our baby gate from kitchen to livingroom.  It is pretty tall with his head just barely able to peek over the top.  I never doubted his ability to jump this high, but it seems nearly impossible for a creature this size to launch himself into the air.  Still, Brutus keeps jumping the gate.  My husband forgot to block the gate this morning before I got up (we slept on the couch last night to keep an eye on the dog) and brutus selected our livingroom as his comfy padded water closet yet again this morning after he left for work.  I nearly cried when I saw a mess for the 3rd time this week but calmly let Brutus outside while I dealt with the pies.

Later this afternoon I received a great deal of insight into Brews gate jumping talent and was amused when my vision of this action was shattered to pieces.  Brutus walked up to the gate, peering over it with a sloppy, stupid grin on his face.  "Watch this mom!"  He did not exert any effort by lifting his giant paw, flopping it over the gate - the same way he puts his paw in my lap when he is trying to say "I love you ma."  Before I could register what was coming next the other paw was up and Brew was standing on his hind legs.  Although I was across the room I suddenly felt very small as this furry giant stood at least a foot taller than me. I saw what was coming next.  There was no giant bound involved but rather one massive catapult.  Brew was about to use his mighty hind haunches to launch the rest of his body over the gate.  No wonder the gate was starting to look a little, well, giddy-womp.  130 lbs of pressure on an already flimsy gate was sure to destroy it after a few of these stunts.  "Get down Brutus."  It was the first time he has ever experienced my sturn voice but he sensed the seriousness in my tone and quickly slinked back down to his 3 1/2 ft self, wandering away casually like he had not had any part of the event.

What are we going to do with you Brutus...

I really appreciate all of the advice given in my last post.  I am going to treat Brew like a pup who needs to relearn.  I'm going to take him out regularly.  I may leave him in the bathroom at night until the evil runs are gone and then I think we're going to work harder at getting him used to sleeping in the bedroom with the door closed.  If this doesn't work, we'll just have to get a crate until he learns that inside is not potty space.  I am so amused by my dogs antics but very serious about correcting this behavior.  At the same time I WILL move out if he manages to poop on my carpet again.  It will be all up to the hubby at that point.


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Time To Ask For Help...
« on: November 19, 2008, 09:28:25 am »
I have been around dogs my whole life but the honest truth is that I am not terribly dog smart.  I have learned from some mistakes and feel that I can really be a great owner for Brutus despite not knowing everything.  Still, I knew I would be hitting some road blocks from time to time, and here I am! 

Brutus has been sleeping in our kitchen at night as it seems to be the most safe place for him.  Each time we have left the gate open for him, he goes into the livingroom at some point during the night to use the bathroom, but then returns to his kitchen/den where it is safe and sound.  He does not whine to be let out and does not tell us when he has to go potty during the day or night.  I have assumed that he was not potty trained and was left outdoors all the time in his previous home.

So, a 1 1/2 to 2 year old 130 lb Brutus thinks the livingroom is his potty place which isn't too much fun for me since it's carpeted in there.  We let him out several times at night before bed and then my hubby lets him out first thing in the morning when he gets up (around 6am.)  Some of you may remember my last post - Brutus jumped the baby gate while we were on a day trip and had the runs all over the livingroom floor.  Last night in the middle of the night sometime, Brutus jumped the gate again and went poop on the carpet - still a bit runny from his upset tummy the other day but it wasn't a mass explosion, thank goodness.  This afternoon I went out front to rense off the pooper scooper, after using it to scoop grossness out of the carpet this morning from last nights episode.  Brutus saw that I had left the front door open and he jumped the gate and came out front.  He was so nervious/excited that I had left his sight that he peed as soon as I got him to casually follow me back into the house. 

Brutus has been really, really wound up after our leaving for that day trip, even though we came back the same night.  I'm wondering if the pooping in the livingroom behavior is related or if he is just getting comfortable enough to start showing off some of his new tricks (like jumping the gate or eating my socks for fun :D ).

So far we have just opted to completely ignore Brews behaviors, especially when he seems to get phobic.  I just let him have his panic attack without acknowledging that it's there and this has seemed to allow him to calm down quickly.  Still, we can't have Brutus using our livingroom as a toilet.  I have been praising him whenever he goes outside and make a big deal whenever I find him standing by the door even if he doesn't actually go potty when I let him out, and he likes this attention.  I'm just not sure what else to do.  We would love to have him sleep in the bedroom with us at night but to date he has been pretty spooked about being locked in the bedroom with us.  I feel really anxious about the idea of crating him at night though I'm not sure why.  I guess "caging" a dog is just a really odd concept for me, even when they seem to like it.  Thoughts, suggestions?     

Anything Non-Dog Related / The Flock
« on: November 17, 2008, 02:01:45 pm »
Brutus thinks he is part of a pack but what he doesn't really know is that he is part of a flock.  We are home to 14 parrots plus 10-15 foster parrots at a time, as we do rescue.  Brutus has done really well with the birds so far.  He follows me into the aviary when I feed and clean and though he seems curious, he has been gentle about his explorations.  Still, because he is a dog and does have some sight houndin him, we never leave him alone with a loose bird or let them play together.  The birds were afraid at first but have learned that Brutus isn't interested in eating them.

Here are some photos of the flock:
Blue and Gold Macaw, Peggy Sue:

Triton Cockatoo, BatToo:

Indian Ringneck, Chrissy:

Red Lory, Orbit:

Orange Wing Amazon, PJ:

Cockatiels, Cooper, Ash, GingerAle, Luke:

Bare Eyed cockatoo, Benny:

45 yr old Amazon, Loretta:

My favorite foster right now, Military Macaw, Popeye:


Mixed Breed Discussion / Big Mistake!!!
« on: November 17, 2008, 09:08:46 am »
Yesterday was an amazingly crazy day.  We have been taking Brutus to the dog park several days a week because it has really helped to improve his fear issues.  In fact, up until last night he was starting to branch out and was becoming super friendly with even people he had never met before.  The submissive peeing has not been a problem for almost 2 weeks now and we are really, really proud of our big softy dog.

Yesterday my husband and I had to made a day road trip down to another part of the state to do a home inspection for a couple of macaws we are going to adopt out.  We got up early and let the dogs out and then let Brutus back in because he seems more secure sprawled out on the tile in our kitchen.  We left and wouldn't return for about 10 hours.  Brutus has proven to be able to hold it for quite some time, so I wasn't too worried but worst case we might have a little mess to clean off the tile when we returned. 

When I walked in the front door carrying my sleeping one year old, all the lights were off but my sense of smell was suddenly horrified.  Dog poop.  And not just regular dog poop, either.  Baaaddddd dog poop.  Oh well, I thought.  Brutus is in the kitchen, I'll just clean it off the tile when I set the baby down.  Our two year old son ran in the door after me and started playing with his toys in the livingroom in the dark.  When I walked back through to go to the kitchen (about 20 seconds later) and turned on the lights I noticed a giant Brutus cowering in the corner of the livingroom.  It wasn't until then that I saw all of the giant cow pies all over the livingroom carpet - and Gabe was running around in them, stomping.  There was also a giant sopping puddle in the same place where Brew had submissive peed in the carpet earlier when we came home one of the first days we had him.  Brutus had jumped the baby gate, or kicked it open somehow to get into the livingroom.  I was too speechless to say a word so instead I just got a bucket.

The night before last I made the mistake of letting Brew lick up some extra beef grease I had from cooking filets.  This probably upset his tummy and it looked like Brew pancked when he realized he needed to go outside NOW.  Did he jump the gate because he had to go potty and came looking for me, hoping that maybe I was home after all or did he jump the gate for fun and then upset himself so badly that he couldn't get back into the kitchen that he got the runs? 

We will likely never know for sure but he has been a basket case since the event.  Last night he bolted when he realized that we had discovered the mess.  I didn't say a word to anyone about the mess, including Brutus but routinely let him back into the kitchen, bent down and told him how sorry I was that he didn't feel good and that we weren't home when he needed us.  That seemed to calm him, as it is usual for me to bend down and tell him something sweet when I come home.  He responds by putting his big fuzzy mitt on my leg and gives me a little "I missed you" smile.  I let him outside incase he had to go potty again but he was terribly wound up again by the time he came back inside and went to hide.  This morning when I got up to let him out, he was super jumpy and seemed afraid of me.  My poor guy!  Hopefully the trauma wont last him too long, though he is likely still not feeling very well.  I just hope acting like the mess wasn't there will help him to realize that he's not in trouble. 

I ended up steam cleaning carpets until 5:00 in the morning.  We don't have a steam cleaner but I have one of those Spot Bots with a hose attachment and I just soaped and rinsed a few inches of the carpet at a time.  Yikes!  I I think I'm going to see how brutus feels about being left out when I go out from now on.  I work at home so I am rarely gone for long - and maybe this is part of what upset him so badly.  He thought we had left him for good, like his last owner did. Poor baby.

Anyway, I was hoping someone here could empathize with what happened.  I am truely amazed that today the carpets look almost like it hadn't even happened!!!  Vinegar and then Tide with color safe bleach makes an excellent carpet cleaner. 


Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / St Bernard/Newfie in NM
« on: November 07, 2008, 02:17:58 pm »
I have seen this guy on craigslist for about a month now and would take him in a heartbeat if I could afford the dog food for another large breed.  It's killing me to know that I can't and really want to see this dog end up in a loving, understanding home.  St bernards, in my opinion can be a bit challenging and a lot of people just don't understand that. Can anyone here help?

"I am a giant st.Bernard X dog that was rescued from a poor animal shelter in August. I was starved half to death, very sick, and dejected. New Mom took me home, nourished, medicated me, got me shots, groomed, neutered-ouch!, microchipped, and socialized. I love to be brushed, walked, going to the dogpark, playing, and being loved on. I have a few challenging habits that make my new Mom a bit crazy though. I like to chew soft cuddly things such as socks, shoes, towels, most anything soft will do if you leave it within my reach, I also like to explore-I was a stray afterall- and will go go go out of the yard if you don't lock the gate, and I like to be the boss of other household dogs-alpha! But, I really do like other dogs and people, I'm a favorite at my dogpark. I like to play with everyone and love to be hugged and petted by everyone. Mom wants me to find another home as soon as possible. Her other dog and I really like each other-most of the time-but I do like to be the boss,and sometimes have to remind him of that. Plus Mom rents, and is searching for a new "home" and is finding it very difficult to find a new rental with a large and a giant breed (Me)dog. Not all landlords like great big dogs for some reason. Please e-mail her soon with your interest. She still owes $200.00 to the vet for getting me all fixed up, she would really like for someone to help her get that paid, even if but a portion. I can't wait to meet you! I'm still young at about 1 year and want nothing more than to be your best forever friend."



Group Discussions & Photos / Pictures of the Pack
« on: November 04, 2008, 10:41:33 am »
When I let Brutus outside and he doesn't have to go potty, he has been making a bee line for the side of our house.  I went outside to play with the dogs earlier this afternoon and discovered why!  Brutus has made himself cozy in his very own doggy den.

Here is a photo of both Penny and Brutus so you can see their size difference.  Penny is a little bit bigger than a pure bred corgi.

These two are getting to be best buddies and follow each other around.

While I was out there with them, Penny asked Brutus to play!

This is something I don't think Brutus has been comfortable with to date, as he is still adjusting to his environment but he surprised me and let his inner puppy lose!

Brutus and Penny aren't the only ones who are best buddies.  Someone else is completely in love.  ;D


Anything Non-Dog Related / Katie, Gabe & The Hoover Monster
« on: November 03, 2008, 12:47:08 pm »
Since I am new here, let me first introduce to you my precious two children.  Gabe is 2 years old and Katie just turned 1 a few days ago.  They are both into birds and horses and of course katie likes anything pink.  Gabe is independent and Katie needs lots of cuddles and attention.  Both kids are fantastic and very well behaved - which I'm so proud of.

So onward to my story of the day -  I have been vacuuming our livingroom much more frequently than I used to be because with a 130 lb shag rug wandering around, hair seems to accumulate everywhere, inspite of my brushing him at least daily. 
See shag rug here:

Gabe thinks the vacuum is great.  It's a fun game to run away from the loud monster or bouce around on the sofa while squaling at the thing that's trying to "get him."  He even thinks it's funny when I suck up his belly button with the hose. 

The other kiddo on the other hand?  A picture is worth a thousand words so you can see for yourself.  The funny thing is that every time she see's the Hoover monster she screams at the top of her lungs until the moment that I turn it on.  I think she then gives up and decides she can't scream over it, so she just lays down somewhere, scowling at me and the evil thing that scares her until it's all over.  what a precious, precious child.


Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Submissive Peeing?
« on: November 03, 2008, 08:55:20 am »
A little over a month ago we adopted the most amazing dog in the world!  His name is Brutus and he is a great pyr, wolfhound, st bernard mix.  In his previous home, Brutus was left outside in the yard with 5 other dogs and he seems to not have very strong people skills.  He is very comfortable around other dogs but is very skittish with people, even some people he has gotten to know.  I am forming a really special bond with him and he really adores me and wants to be near me - so I think this is certainly a start.

A few days into having him home, Brutus started doing submissive peeing whenever we insisted that he do something or go somewhere that made him nervious.  We learned quickly that if Brutus is going to do something, it has to be at least part his idea.  He responds some of the time when I am kind but firm with him - assertive I guess is the right word.  I can sometimes get him to follow me into another room or outside if I just get up casually and annouce "come on, Brutus, we're going now" without making a big deal about it. As soon as Brutus feels he is getting too much unwanted attention for anything, he panics and tries to run away.

Let me give you an example of the submissive peeing.  The other night my parents were over for Halloween.  we went out with our kids and left them home with the dog.  Brutus was "hiding" in the kitchen but eventually got brave enough to go investigate the company.  As soon as he got up and my parents saw him, they made a big deal over him approaching, calling his name and telling him what a good boy he was.  Brutus stopped in his tracks, peed, and then ran away.  At first Brutus became very easily overwhelmed by us when we would come home because I would always greet him with enthusiasm.  After cleaning up several large doggy puddles we decided it might work better just to let Brutus adjust to us being home again for a while before showing him attention.  This worked beautifully and now Brutus approaches us when he is realy for attention of any kind.  I know he does want attention, because he wanders over frequently for a little scratch and to put his big paw up into my lap.  (What a lover.) 

Does anyone have any advice to help correct this behavior and build confidence in Brutus that people are safe?  We have another dog and Brutus has done beautifully when asked to go to the car or go for a walk or go into the other room (he hangs out mostly in the kitchen) when our other dog is so willing to cooperate.  We are looking for any tools we may be able to use to better this guy's life.  He is a sweet heart and a big gentle giant and I am really confident that we will be able to better his world.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Brutus & Me
« on: November 02, 2008, 03:05:49 pm »
Hi everyone!
I'm new here and I would like to introduce my very special dog to everyone.  His name is Brutus, though he also respond to Brew, Brew Master, Boo, & Bruce - which is what our 2 year old son calls him.  Brutus is a mixed breed dog with 50% being great pyrenees, 25% irish wolfhound, & 25% st bernard.  All of that being said, I guess he is our Irish Saint Byrenees.  As are many mixed breed dog, Brutus was an accident but let me explain to you why this accident means something extra special to me and my family. 

In 2005, one of my best girlfriends had the opportunity to rescue some very special dogs - a pure bred irish wolfhound that had been abused and neglected and her 10 puppies!  The puppies were not pure bred irish wolfhounds though as a free roaming pure bred st bernard who lived next door had access to her while she was in heat. My husband and I had just moved into our own home and we were looking for a puppy to adopt, so I was very excited to hear about the puppies, who would be available for adoption.  My girlfriend kept the mother and one of the puppies for herself and my family also adopted one of the puppies.  He looked mostly irish wolfhound but he had that beautiful saint bernard coloring complete with the while forehead stripe.  We named him Barron and this dog was my baby.  I took him to work with me every day and we worked on training from an early age.  We kept up to speed with some of the other families who owned the puppies and took them to the dog park for play dates. 

About a year after adopting Barron, my husband and I made a heartbreaking decision to give Barron to another couple who already had one of his siblings.  Barron had really bonded with his wolfhound "pack" (we think because the puppies stayed together for a long time before being adopted out) and we felt that Barron was more happy with his sibling than alone with us.  It was fantastic to watch Barron grow with his new family and he soared to new levels of love and happiness.  Still we were heartbroken to have given up our giant sweetheart and not a day went by that I did not think about my sweety. 

Several months ago I got a phone call from my girlfriend who informed me that one of the original Irish Saint mixes was being surrendered back to her as the owner had to move out of state.  I was thrilled at the chance to adopt another one of these dogs and had never dreamed that I would have the priveledge to live with another one of these amazing animals again. I was crushed when the owner did not show up to his appointment and then terminated his telephone service, leaving no way for us to reach him.  My dream had faded just as quickly as it had come about. 

Less than a week later I saw an ad for an irish wolfhound mix that was up for adoption from a local rescue group and had my hopes up that this was Barron's sibling.  The dog had belonged to the same owner who was going to surrender Barron's sibling but it wasn't an irish saint. We discovered that this new dog, named Brutus, was the irish saint's son (Barron's nephew) and he had been abandoned in a trailor home and left for dead. 

So years later we have finally connected with this special pack again.  We are so honored to have the nephew of our original dog and are enjoying every minute of him.  Brutus was not socialized and does have some behavioral issues that we are really hoping to correct with help.  He does submissive peeing when he is afraid or when he sees someone new and he spooks easily.  He loves other dogs but is wary of people he doesn't know.  I have been trying to avoid putting him in uncomfortable situations as much as possible for now as we are still building trust with him, but I took him to the dog park today and he did fantastic - even allowed everyone to touch him.

Here are some photos of Brutus:


Here are a few photos of our original dog, Brew's uncle, Barron:



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